cheap 2 day insurance

cheap 2 day insurancecheap 2 day insurance


  1. cheap 2 day insurance
  2. cheap 2 day insurance
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://INSURE-HELP.COM/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. "I have Mercury Car Insurance, what should I watch out for?
  6. I recently opened up a policy with Mercury car insurance because they gave me the best quote. A month later my roomate was doing research and found a large amount of people giving bad reviews of Mercury car insurance. Since I don't know anyone who has Mercury car insurance I was hoping someone out there could give me some good feedback as to whether or not they are worth renewing in 5 months.
  7. Will buying a previously wrecked car drive up my insurance?
  8. Im a new driver and my parents want to buy me an Acura TSX. I found one online and went to test drive it and found out it had been in a moderate car crash, but had been completely fixed and repaired. I went to the mechanic and he ok'd the car for me. We want to buy it, but is the fact that the previous owner crashed it going to drive up the cost to insure it?"
  9. Where can I find cheap car insurance for young driver's in Ireland?
  10. I am an 18 year old guy,and I can't find any f****** reasonable motor insurance,because whether I'm 18 or 80 I'm not paying 3/4k a year for a 'in case' situation which is most likely never going to happen-i.e a crash.Because I only see driving as a form of driving,not as 'fun' or showing off.But I need to have a car to travel."
  11. Do insurance companies rate based on points or violations??
  12. I am 23 and have no points on my licence. I live in maryland and i was pulled over in virginia for speeding and recived a 'failure to obey a highway sign' violation. The officer said he gave me that cause it was a lesser fine, i think it was B.S. cause he didnt have me on radar (i asked to see the radar becase he said i was going 75 in a 65, i felt i was going 70 max.. he said they arent supposed to lock in the speed int he radar but that is a different issue) I contacted a rep from the MVA and he said no points would transfer to my driving record, but the violation would go on my record carrying no points. My question is, do the insurance companies look at just the points on your licence, or do they look at the violation even if there are no points. Also, about 2 years ago I got a ticket for speeding and i went to court and they dropped the points and declinded the fine a little. Im assuming this is on my record as well, but carried no points, would this effect rates as well"
  13. How long can you go without health insurance before things become preexisting ?
  14. I currently have health insurance through my father's company plan, but after my 19th birthday my insurance drops because I won't be a full time student until spring this year. Meanwhile I need coverage through some plan so nothing will be preexisting. However I can't apply for the cheap insurance that I was hoping for until my old coverage ends, and I'm worried about the bureaucratic time lapse between coverage policies. Are there any problems I'm going to run into with this?"
  15. Should I get the car insurance when i rent a car?
  16. I dont own a car but i'm covered under my dad's car insurance. I'm planning on renting a car in a few days, but i'm wondering if i wil be covered under the car insurance when i get into an accident with a rental car. and in this situation should i get the extra car insurance that rental car companies offer?"
  17. "What is the average insurance rate for a 19 year old male in Austin, Tx?"
  18. PLEASE give me an actual number, not just how I could find out and what important information I left out. I have had no accidents and an attending school and will be buying an average car. Thanks in advance"
  19. Looks Like my Insurance wont want to pay out for my damaged car?
  20. I got hit by a car recently and my car was taken away for repairs. I have just been told by my insurance that my car should not have been on the road reason being that its half and half . I did my due diligence before buying this car in 2011, HPI checks and all and it came out clean. The insurance company also confirmed this as well to me. Now it looks like my insurance company does not want to pay out for my car and they want to cancel my insurance and leave me without a car. WHAT DO I DO. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME. I AM A SINGLE MUM WITH 3 KIDS."
  21. Got a Speeding Ticket in NJ. Will my Insurance Rate go Up?
  22. Got a speeding ticket in NJ, and the cop said I was going 66 in a 45 zone (which is untrue, but that's besides the point). 1. Does this put points on my license? If yes, how many? 2. Willl my Geico Insurance go up? If yes, by how much? 3. Will a defensive driving course help at all? I'm 20 years old, this is my first offense ever, and and I own the car and insurance."
  23. "Insurance says case is closed, is it really?"
  24. A little over a year ago, I was in a car wreck and due to financial responsibility laws I had to pay for the accident. (I had no insurance, of course, I've learned this lesson) Recently they've filed suit against me for more money that they didn't receive from the insurance company. I can't afford an attorney and was about to hire a bankruptcy lawyer for all of this, but I recently found out from the insurance company that the case is closed. It's also been over a year as of a couple days ago and due to Tennessee's Statute of Limitations they can't claim any more money. So my question, the insurance company says it's closed and even said the attorney settling with them has closed the case. I call the opposing attorney myself and of course they say they can't discuss the case with me, even though I'm just asking if the case still actually exists. They wont' give me a court date either so naturally, I'm a bit suspicious. Should I be ready to put this behind me, or do law offices do this sort of thing all the time? They were recently paid out $10,000 from the insurance company I'm making payments to. I really don't see where else they could find money given my situation. All answers are appreciated, thank you!"
  25. I drive my moms car a lot should she put me on her insurance ?