1. Last week, Noway was the picture fear.  Following are some examples of Norwegians sharing fears.  You can view more examples at  https://twitter.com/feardept/favorites .
  2. What of fears for Israel?  As it turns out, most "tweets of fear for Israel" are not by Israelis but Americans planning to visit Israel or Americans with friends and family in Israel.  

    Some examples of tweets by Americans planning visits to Israel:
  3. Many fearful tweets have been written by Americans with friends or relatives living in Israel:
  4. Israelis themselves seemed more likely to respond to the Gaza war with expressions of confidence in their security:
  5. How to explain the lack of fear of Gaza in Israel?   A follower of the Department observes:
  6. Though not the fear we were looking for, there are reports that fear remains very much a part of Israeli life:
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