1. There has been much speculation about the origins of ISIS.  Many citizens have thought ISIS a peculiar name for an Islamic terror group.  

    For Boomers and Gen' Xers, the name brought to mind an old television show (h/t @BancB612): 
  2. The Secrets of Isis Opening
  3. Before she became an American television icon, Isis was goddess of war in ancient Egypt. A fact not highlighted in the 1970s television series was that Isis had a son named Horus. 

    In June, ISIS swept out of Syria in brand new matching Toyotas and proceeded to acquire real estate in Iraq. The group renamed itself the Islamic State and al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, declared himself Caliph.  

    By early September, videos depicting the beheading of two Westerners by ISIS had the nation's fear level peaking.  
  4. So that fearful Americans could sleep, on the evening of Sept 10, President Obama declared war on ISIS and pledged to arm "moderate" jihadists. 

    On Sept 11,  a follower asked the Department what terror threat to expect after ISIS.
  5. The citizens didn't have to wait "a year or two."  On the morning of Sept 23, the first day of Autumn, citizens awoke to news that overnight our missiles had stuck targets in Syria connected with Khorasan Group. 
  6. Headlines about a new terror group left citizens feeling not only fearful, but dazed and confused. Why Khorasan?  
  7. Journalist Stacy Herbert  (@stacyherbert) of Keiser Report experienced difficulty recalling the name of the group--frustration that led her to publicly question whether the name was up to the job. 
  8. That follower was Pierre D'Armancour (@pdarmancour).   
  9. A few days later, Gonz (@FaceLikeTheSun), deciphered our symbolism phonetically. 
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