U.S. Senate Hearing on 'Worldwide Security Threats'

In addition to providing the illusion of civilian oversight, the Senate Intelligence Committee provides our senior staff with a public platform to announce new threats. On Wednesday January 29, 2014 they invited us to frighten the public about some emerging world threats.


  1. As Chair of our Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein's job is to ensure congressional oversight of our activities remains ineffective.  The less oversight, the more money her husband's companies earn.   
  2. In the fight against effective oversight, Jay Rockefeller (aka 'Jello Jay') serves as Diane Feinstein's wingman.
  3. Observers seem to agree we made the most of Wednesday's hearing.
  4. Sen. Ron Wyden tried to entice us into lying to Congress again.  That troublemaker!
  5. On the other hand, all the Senators owned by the intelligence industry asked helpful questions.  Not to boast, but some of our answers were good too!
  6. What was learned at the hearing?
  7. The hearing showed that the top three threats to America are 1) journalism; 2) the jihadists we've been arming in Syria; and 3) the re-emergence of al-Qaeda.