The Most Effective Ways To Get Your Content Published On The Internet


  1. There are no guarantees as to what content will do well on the internet but there are certain tactics that can improve your odds. Avoid excess data because this will blur your content and lose the interest of your users. Only include the most interesting and insightful points. Juicy and shocking content will draw your users attention. Your publisher should not need more than ten seconds to understand your page.
  2. Previously Published Data

  3. If your data has already been published you must provide a unique spin. Unless you include something new your users do not want to see what they have already read. If your data has already received a lot of coverage chances are you will not do well. If the coverage was minimal a unique approach and additional new data has a decent chance for success.
  4. Links With Videos

  5. Although videos work incredibly well for sharing your brand they are not effective for earning links. Publishers rarely link directly to the creator of a video and instead choose to simply embed the video itself. You can try to reach out to the individuals who have embedded your videos but the process is time consuming. This is an additional step in video promotion and creation that usually is not worth the effort it requires.
  6. Political Ideas

  7. Most brands do not want to have anything to do with a political idea. Others see an appeal because a political topic has the ability to get a very strong reaction leading to plenty of attention. The problem is since there is always current political news most publishers show no interest. The competition is fierce and it is difficult to remain current.
  8. Keeping Your Content Neutral

  9. While it is true if your content was designed for a specific publisher and they like what they see they will publish the content this does not always work. This is because the publishers do not want to take the time required to collaborate with you since they feel it is a drain. Now you are left with content that will not work on any other site. When you keep your content neutral you appeal to more than one publisher and increase your chances of being published.
  10. The Risk Of Hyperlocal

  11. Focusing on just one city no matter how amazing or newsworthy the content is limiting. There are only so many publishers who would be interested. If these publishers are not interested you are at a dead end. When your content features numerous cities and states you increase the number of national and local publishers that may be interested. This is especially true in content including mentions of the press.
  12. Visual Assets

  13. Including more than one visual asset is beneficial and they should be static and simple images. This is because there are a lot of websites incapable of publishing numerous types of images yet every publisher has the ability to publish a static image. Many sites simply can't publish complex images. Simple visualizations are preferred by most publishers because they do not want to invest the money or the time it would take to publish the more complex images.
  14. How to Write Content for Web