The Only Practical Snoring Solution

One of the problems that many of us have to deal with on a daily basis, yet many people are unaware of our problem is snoring. I have snored ever sinc


  1. One of the problems that many of us have to deal with on a daily basis, yet many people are unaware of our problem is snoring. I have snored ever since I was a young child, and now that I have gotten older it has gone from bad to worse. Just ask my wife, she is the one that looks tired all the time because she isn't getting enough sleep. Sometimes I wake up unable to breathe and feeling as if I can't lay down any longer. During those times I need to sleep sitting up so that I can get any sleep at all.

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    The scientific explanation is a little complicated (even for me), but the gist of it is that at the end of exhalation, that's when your throat muscles are most prone to collapse. So by slightly increasing the pressure, a stent-like effect is created, just like with CPAP.

    If you have been able to pinpoint nasal related problems to be the underlying cause of the check this post by James Kerton problem, one solution is to make use of nasal sprays. People who snore due to this problem have nasal air passages that swell result to vibration in the throat as one breathes. The spray will reduce the inflammation for a comfortable passage of air as one sleeps. Breathing also becomes easier as they airways are moistened, thanks to the action of the nasal spray. These products are available in both modern and the herbal medical sprays.

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