I am into meditation. What is meditation? I think it is any time you spend on yourself in the quest to be the best person you can be. For me it is about meditation, for you it might be yoga or self help courses. We each have our own path. The important thing is to spend time on yourself. Why meditate? It makes me feel better in every way. And when I feel good, I function much better! I love all kinds of meditation techniques and I am constantly watching videos about meditation, always looking to learn new stuff. I have also created a number of guided meditations, visit my site if you're interested. They use powerful brainwave entrainment techniques to maximize the benefit you get from them. I really created them for myself. Some are music for meditation type tracks, some have my favorite affirmations in them, others have a distinctly spiritual overtone. I love the creativity that the process of creating these meditations brings out in me. I have two beautiful boys and an awesome wife. I love doing outdoor activities with the family; camping, hiking etc...(river rafting when the little one can swim a little better:) Yoga would have to be my favorite form of exercise, wish I was more disciplined about it:). Meditation will always be my first love! PLEASE VISIT ==> http://www.hoseck.com AND ==> http://meditation.mobapp.at AND ==> http://www.topguidedmeditations.com