1. JRMC202 Interview Assignment

    Interview Transcript

    Interviewer: Farah Tawfeek

    Narrator: Nihal Imam

    Dates: 9/3/2014

    Place: PAUL Café’

    Dowtown Mall, ST. 90

    College: American University in Cairo

    Date completed: 9 March 014

    9 March 2014

    Persons Present: Farah Tawfeek- I

                               Nihal Imam- S

                               Nermine Arafa (My mom)- MD

    Farah: Hello, This is Farah Tawfeek, interviewing for my 202 class. Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Tant Nihal, an AUC graduate, and so is her son. Hello, very nice to meet you.

    Nihal: Nice to meet you too.

    Farah: Emm..Tell me about your experience in AUC.

    Nihal: Well..eee… my days in AUC was very remarkable, memorable.. ee..I graduated from AUC Fall 89. The time was much different from now and what my son has experienced. I took …ee my …ee AUC studies in the old campus. Eee.. life and the culture was a little bit different..eeeee..

    Farah: How so? You said the life and the culture .. I would like to stress more about the culture.

    Nihal:  The number..ee… in regards to the culture.. my time was… the student were… the Egyptians were much less. The number of people..eee.. were…eee also a little bit less than now, eeeee… the old campus..ee people knew each other better..ee… students were more into studies more than now.. I see these days are giving more attention to extracurricular activities and ..ee.. sports and..ee…stuff like that.. trips. My times, people were concentrating more about their studies and..ee.. Career and so on.

    Farah: What about the campus itself? How was it different? You were in “Tahrir” campus, right?

    Nihal: Yes.

    Farah: And how is it different from our campus today, where Ahmed, your son attends?

    Nihal: Ok, ee, actually there is a huge difference. Campus in New Cairo is luxurious, very nice, impressive, I feel inside as if I am in a resort ( chuckle).. more or less. However, Tharir was a little bit more humble.. class sort of.. studious more.

    Farah: What about the basic rule.. rules that AUC had, for example, Tuesday, we have Tuesday off, was that the case at your time?

    Nihal: No, as a matter of fact we had five days of studies, classes either Mondays and Wednesdays or Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We didn’t have one day off.

    Farah: Soo you didn’t have Tuesdays. Oh lucky us.

    Nihal: But the process and procedures of choosing classes and courses I don’t see much difference than the process and procedures we used to do on our time.

    Farah:  Oh! So you too, like the banner and ee.. the registration was terrible like today and every..

    Nihal: (interrupts) the same but they didn’t have online.

    Farah: There was no computer? There was no Interne..?

    Nihal: (Interrupts) No.. There was computer, of course but we didn’t have Internet. We used to do it in person and in paperwork.

    Farah: So you had to physically (stress on the word) register for each and every course.

    Nihal: We had to physically register, we had to stay up queuing in long lines in order to get our..ee..ee time with the registrar and to get our turn to register..ee..ee. Same, same but not on ee… on… ee…

    Farah: Online.

    Nihal (laughs): Online.

    Farah: Emm.. ok, did you have the option of a double major?

    Nihal: Yes, yes.

    Farah: Like we do.

    Nihal: Yes, we had the option of a double major, you can study major and minor and..ee.. as you wish! Or major only.

    Farah: So Just like us.

    Nihal: Yes.

    Farah: And, ok..emm.. What..em..do you feel a difference in general between AUC at your time and AUC today, whether in the quality of education or the personality of the students, just general.

    Nihal: In terms of the quality.. the quality of the studies, I think our times was better.. earlier, the staff was more qualified..em.. the quality of teaching also as I said more or less was better. However, these days you can do more studies on the Internet, you can get online studies better, I mean there is positives and negatives… emm.. in my time we used to go more to the library, we used to use the cards when we do research. Now my son used to make it on the net most of the time.. em …very limited visits to the library.. in contrast to what I’ve done.

    Farah: What about the extracurricular activities, you know we have a lot of clubs like.. Finance and Economics Club.. we have like a variety of clubs. Did you have this variety at your time?

    Nihal: Yes we had but very few, like two or three. One political, two social, one charity or so. I don’t remember the names though.

    Farah: Oh, it ok! So clubs did not play this much.. huge part…

    Nihal: (interrupts) no it didn’t play much like now. Very few students participated in these clubs. Not like nowadays.

    Farah : Not  like nowadays!

    Farah: What about travelling? I know that Ahmed, your son who just graduated, travelled..where? where did he travel?

    Nihal: AUC, LA, Los Angeles.

    Farah: Wow, Los Angeles. Did you have this opportunity at your time?

    Nihal: I.. I.. I am not sure but I know that two of my colleagues, they went to the States but they graduated, they completed their graduate studies. I am not sure if this was available at my time. I am not sure.

    Farah: Ok… what about the technology? How much did you rely on the technology?

    Nihal:  Like I said, I studied also.. I am not sure I told you, but I studied also computer science. The computers at the time, the PCs was very limited and there was a lab, where we had 20 PCs and we had to go and reserve…eeeeh…eeeh and hour or so to work on it, It was not vey much available.

    Farah: Thank you so much for your time, it was a pleasure meeting you, Tant Nihal, and talking with you. Thank you.

    Nihal: The pleasure is mine thank you.