Shelby Spees

Feminist software engineer living vicariously through Twitter. #stopkillingthem

C.M. Stone

Author of historical fiction and SFF with @saltpress. Ridiculous and outspoken. Blame no one but me for the crap I say.

not my real name

some random guy, a late adopter, no longer bored since cool ppl are here, but too busy to keep up with this

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Kirsten Thompson

Writer. Editor. Witch. Contributing Writer: @TheFrisky, @teenvogue, @femsplain & elsewhere • • Fueled by tea.


Marcus Zwei Cross

Full time student, Geek Guru, PR master, Writer, Game Designer ,and also Residential Blerd Mage in Training.

Writer/Media Theorist/Night Owl. Always finds new things to add to personal to be read/watched pile. Needs to stop procrastinating by googling how to avoid it.

Joker/Partly Good

flaming ginger

Fandom, feminism, cinema & tv + activism.

becky smith

Desiree Rodriguez

Social Media Manager for @womenoncomics & @mythicalmtn, comic reviewer for @geekedoutnation & section writer for @comingoffaith


Reckless reader, Defender of wonder, Blerdy mom, Snide remarker, Cover judger, #NonCompliant #TWD. I'll speak for me. #AmReading

Araceli Esparza

I'm a MidWest Mujer/Woman writer/budding Children Book Author and bit of social person. all statements=my own.

Susannah Erwin

Writer of Romance. Reader of anything with text.