Gvis2013 December

GVis2013 December explored Healthy Building and Sustainable Materials, building on the success of our earlier seminars by drilling down into the detail of natural product standards and health benefits of natural materials.


  1. The toxicity of building materials can impact on everyone coming into contact with them, from the builders on the construction site, employees in an office, residents in homes, children in schools, to patients in hospitals. Natural materials like stone, wood, straw and earth, on the other hand, are not only non-toxic, some view them as life-enhancing. Natural building materials, have been promoted for their ability to absorb toxins and restore health.  
  2. Chair Martin Brown Fairsnape, reminded delegates that Green Vision was a platform for learning, sharing and collaborating to really progress sustainability in the Built Environment and looked forward to a great afternoons debate and inspiration.
  3. First Keynote: Andrew Carpenter Structural Timber Association
  4. Wood - nature's stroke of genius
  5. Andrew showed a must watch video to conclude his Keynote:
  6. Round Tables: (notes to be added)
    Kate Livesy, BRE Sustainability 'Where did all the people go?'; 
    Charles Ross, 'Learning from the Outdoor and Textile industry'; 
    Andrew Carpenter, 'Collaboration and Integration for Timber'; 
    Gary Newman, 'Natureplus and Product Standards'.