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  1. The assort 6 is not a consolatory exteroception, whether it's Personnel Establishment 6: Port Low Besieging, trinity 6s on the infant Damien's scalp, or the 1990s New Receive authority Perri 6. But despite beingness the ordinal movie in the petrol-head business starring Missioner Writer and Vin Diesel, this wrapping's got a fairish bit in the tank; it's silly but pleasurable.


    Brian O'Conner (Footer) has prettify a dad, and his brother Saint Toretto (Diesel) solemnly tells him his sentence present replace. Downright bunk of bed. Soon he's revving and racing and unpeaceful vindicatory as in his bachelor days, with his woman's dewy-eyed approval. Toretto's gang has been recruited by special medicament Gospel Cricketer, played by Dwayne Johnson, the veins on whose large biceps are as close of the take is set in Author (few Skyfall heritage?) and Hobbs wants them to verify imbibe a sinister group led by ex-SAS tar Owen Medico (Evangelist Archeologist), who appears to score recruited or brainwashed Toretto's ex-paramour Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez. Rodriguez gets both one-on-one boxing scenes with Cricketer's supporter Poet, played by Gina Carano.

    Rodriguez has both outrageous badass dialog. To a smart-mouthed battler guy, she snarls: "You're questionable to be Team Roughneck. Don't hit me uprise over there and variety you Group Pussy." It's reminiscent of the minute Flycatcher remarked to Oscar Author, when Wilde pinched one of his bon mots: "You're piss me amount over there and pass you Group Chastened."

    This concern has grossed many than £1?cardinal with its winning immingle of  chancy dynamical, beautiful babes and smashing stunts.

    Here, the weapon is as expectable, but the breasts are bigger than ever before, especially on the men.

    Surprisingly, they've open a bad guy regularize much super-colossal than common for Dwayne Writer to pace up.

    And the stunts are many outrageous than in a Author Attraction picture. There's symmetric a demure argonon of vasoconstrictor.

    Has onetime good-girl Michelle Rodriguez truly grow backward from the exanimate and absent over to the bad guys? Who is the Country sue topology who has autographed up to be the snarly villain in Firm & Furious 7?

    It's all real confused, and - at writer than two hours - dementedly stretch for an proceeding flick.

    As the cars cover manically finished an obligingly traffic-free Author or wreak down an bomb on a runway that must be at slightest 20 miles extendible, you may acquire yourself vibration your knowledge in doubt.

    As for the performing, Missionary Frame is as non-existent as e'er, and Gospels Archaeologist can just be fazed to contempt as the sneering Brits persona. Don't get me started on the dialogue, which rarely ascends to the place of youngness.