The Long, Storied History of the Football Association and Its Championship

Another thing that makes the competition so exciting is its inclusiveness.


  1. For nearly one hundred and fifty years, England's Football Association has helped to shape and showcase the world's most popular sport. The Football Association came into being as an effort to help standardize the rules of the game, as a whole host of vaguely similar pastimes then flourished in England and Wales. As the new rules became more broadly accepted, the Football Association took on new roles, providing further stewardship, along with opportunities for the best teams to distinguish themselves.

    Today the Football Association's annual Cup is one of the most respected and eagerly anticipated events in the world of sports. Part of the appeal is the strong history of the event, as more than a hundred years' worth of competition have contributed to the creation of some truly impressive stories and victories.

    Another thing that makes the competition so exciting is its inclusiveness. When the Football Association first began running the Cup, football was not played at a professional level at all. Instead, players joined local clubs, whether based at universities in England and Wales or those tied to particular towns and villages. When the Football Association sought to crown the best teams in the nation, then, it had to cast its nets far and wide to find the contenders.

    That approach persists today. To be fair, teams that finish at the top of the Premier League do receive automatic invitations to the later parts of the Cup, but teams who would never stand a chance in such competition are also allowed to seek entry. The early stages of the Football Championship Cup, in fact, are some of the most exciting of all to many fans, as they put local teams on a stage that the whole world can have a look at.

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