Advice On Glue Guns And Fabric Mending Glue


  1. Fabric glue is a convenient product that lets people everywhere work on their fabrics and their clothes without the necessary skills needed for sewing. For those with the skills for sewing, it allows for a more convenient, less time-consuming, and less prickly option for working on fabrics.

    However, if there's so much work to be done, using fabric mending glue can be a little less convenient. Here, at Speed-Sew, we occasionally have people wondering if fabric mending glue can be used with glue guns, for convenience's sake. We answer that yes, it can be used, but, as with most things, there are key pieces of information that you should know about before loading fabric glue into your glue gun.

    So here, from us here at Speed-Sew: tips on using fabric glue with glue guns.

    On glue guns:

    There are three major types of glue guns, the standard kind, low temp and adjustable. Standard operates at around 380°F, whilst low temp operates at a lower 260°F. The 120° difference means for you, low temp is slightly more tolerable to come into contact with accidentally. For clothing, however, which can be very sensitive, that 120° is the different between the perfectly heated bond or a blackened hole in your fabric.

    On glue sticks:

    With the right gun, comes the need for the right ammo. In this case, low temp guns need to be used with low temp glue sticks, which are specially designed to work on lower temperature applications, such as fabric use. For those that would prefer a more adaptable choice, however, there are all temperature glue sticks that work on both high and low temperatures, which is great if you happen to use both frequently, or have an adjustable glue gun.

    Additional tips:

    Always practice care when working with fabric or hot glue; be especially careful when working with both.

    It doesn't hurt to do a test run; glue a test piece of fabric to see how it'll turn out, before heading into the actual project.

    Avoid direct contact with the glue gun's nozzle; it's hotter than the glue and will cause burns, either on you or the fabric.

    If you're bonding fabric to something more resilient, apply the glue to the tougher stuff, let it cool a bit, then stick the fabric in.