1. @ibogost I just took the "Introduction to Digital Humanities" at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute #DHSI2017. No idea. https://t.co/K47Ema847u
    @ibogost I just took the "Introduction to Digital Humanities" at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute #DHSI2017. No idea. pic.twitter.com/K47Ema847u
  2. @ibogost @sarcathtic Dfns are useful for mobilizing but I'd like to see a shelf life. Lets bandwagon for 6 months max and then try a different one on purpose.
  3. @sarcathtic @sleepygeeky (Btw, "um" = a pregnant pause in which Joe's soul dies over ivory tower-ing)
  4. @jkohlmann @sarcathtic seconded. this is amazing and i am going to link to it EVERYWHERE.
  5. I highly recommend this post by @sarcathtic on the "What Is DH" debate. A direct, serious articulation of a POV & experience shared by many.  https://twitter.com/sarcathtic/status/877593208443650048 
  6. @91degN @FSULibrary @ProgHist Hey - that’d be great! Could we set up a chat/meeting sometime with you, @sarcathtic and @bigredmeh?
  7. @sarcathtic @archivalistic in that odd weird world of blocking I can't read that because my institution believes there is adult content
  8. Really love @sarcathtic's take on today’s dustup/throwback to twitter ca.2011: “Why is Digital Humanities?"  https://twitter.com/sarcathtic/status/877593208443650048 
  9. "Everyone is supposed to have an 'elevator pitch,' & this is not a good way to approach scholarship" via @sarcathtic  http://scatherinestanley.us/2017/06/why-is-dh 
  10. @sarcathtic Fair. To focus influence. To define and achieve common goals. To define and cover DH career paths. To distinguish from related fields.
  11. @sarcathtic This is a baffling conclusion you draw about what I think, let alone what I said.
  12. @sarcathtic, solving a puzzle: "I would like to speak to a manager."
  13. Thanks to @sarcathtic I learned how to split and join duplicate cell values in OpenRefine!!
  14. Have also seen both internal funds and soft money directed towards this kind of project. #sharp17 @sarcathtic
  15. .@sarcathtic is at @HILT_DH this week. Y’all say hi to her, as she’s transforming DH at @FSULibrary and Florida State U. #GoDigiNoles
  16. This week in Digital Scholarship: write/submit my 1st R01 NIH proposal at the same time as @sarcathtic submits her 1st NEH DHAG. brain dead.
  17. @lutefisk812 @NickoalEichmann @thomasgpadilla Super last minute, but @sarcathtic is submitting a grant proposal and we'd like to chat with you about it. mvandegrift@fsu.edu.
  18. @wynkenhimself Hearkens back to @sarcathtic's point earlier before session started w/@Electrostani about how DH is full of doing things over and over again