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KVPR Paleta Party Recap

The Paleta Party was Valley Public Radio's way of kicking off our summer series, 'Summer Scoop.' The series digs into the Valley’s ice cream history, its role as a major ice cream producing region, and what ice cream means in rural communities today.


  1. The Paleta Party was held as part of Valley Public Radio's ice cream series 'Summer Scoop' at at La Reina de Michoacan in Fresno. For a #tagboard of the series visit
  2. The rules were clear for the party. 1. Tell us you ice cream related story. 2. Earn a paleta voucher. 3. Redeem your paleta. 4. Have fun with our other Twitter/Facebook/Instagram followers! 
  3. FM89 reporter Rebecca Plevin said it best:
  4. So that is what we did. We mingled, 36 people told us their stories and paletas were had. 
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  6. Kiel Schmidt's (@kieltfs) earliest memory of ice cream was at La Reina.
  7. Jeku Arce (@jekuarce)'s first memory of ice cream involves defeat. . . and a plop on the ground.
  8. Dalton Runberg (@RunDaltonRun), below to the left, had never been to the Fresno based paleteria. His most nostalgic ice cream memory dates back to early childhood. 
  9. For Kyle Scharton, ice cream brings up memories of his late grandfather. 
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  11. Patrick Moyle, a local science teacher, said his first experience with ice cream revolves around the homemade delicacy.
  12. But when it comes to ice cream, Angelica Cano (@a_canopener), a communications assistant for the Office of Community and Economic Development, equates the frozen treat to happiness.