These Simple Tips Make Your PPC Ads Eye-grabbing


  1. Marketers often find their PPC ads not driving enough leads as they expect, though they did a visibly-descent job and offered some good quality products or services. It is due to some attention-grabbing factors missing from their PPC ads. Few added information can create a win situation for the ads and increase the rate of the leads. These factors or information is directly linked to the basic human psychology and prompts the customers to go for the product or service.
  2. 1. Targeting the Value Proposition

  3. Each query raised in Google or Bing is representing some specific problems, and people need solutions for that. The marketers should try to represent those queries in their ads and should inform the customers what makes their product offering the best solution for the customers. It should be noted that most of the marketers follow a wrong strategy of focusing on product features and reflect that in their PPC ads. It can drive better results if they focus on the benefits of the product. Explaining the benefits is simple – discuss how the product is changing the customers' lives.
  4. Also, directly addressing the customer by using "you," creates a better rapport with the reader and making a situation of directly talking to them. Value-based language always addresses customer needs and makes a better connection with them, and that plays a vital role in building a brand affinity along with an emotional connection.
  5. 2. Prompt the Readers – Create a Feel of Urgency

  6. Most people are not interested in missing a promotion on their desired products, especially if the promotion is not available in future. Marketers can effectively utilize this and create an urgency to compel people to go for the product at once. This can be easily achieved by setting up a limited-time promotion or discount and communicating it through the PPC ads.
  7. Note that two types of urgencies can be demonstrated, real urgency and implied urgency. Real urgency has an actual expiry date for the promotion, and PPC verbiage should have "24-hour special", "This weekend only," or any other according to the expiry date to lure the customers. The implied urgency is an excitement created around a promotion and just suggest the customers act immediately. The marketers use "Now" and "Today" to create an implied urgency. It is always advisable to use real urgency as it is specific and making a situation of going to be no longer available.
  8. 3. Removing the Fears or Risks

  9. PPC ads can effectively be used to eliminate the apprehensions or risks the customers have thought about the product. The ads can add special offers or social proof to build the confidence. Special offers can be 100% satisfactions, free shipping, money-back guarantee, and more.
  10. While coming to the social proof, it provides more trustworthiness without any advertising. The positive feedbacks from the customers can be included in the PPC ads. Obviously, the PPC ads with better social proof get more conversions.
  11. 4. Use of a Compelling CTA

  12. The PPC ad copies with a clear and strong Call to Action (CTA) ensure better conversion rate for the products. Some of the catchy CTAs that the marketers can use include:

    • Buy Now!
    • Save Today Only!
    • Download Today!
    • Redeem Coupon!
    • Plan Your Vacation!
    • Claim Your Seat!
    • Register Now!
    • Sign Up

    Make sure to customize the ad copy and CTA with respect to the product offer, target audience, and industry.
  13. Conclusion

  14. Writing great ad copies by keeping the above mentioned psychological factors included would ensure better conversion rates. Brands should be ready to tap every opportunity to maximize the revenue as long as they pay for each click.
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