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Poynter EyeTrack: Storytelling on Tablet


  1. Poynter Institue is releasing their research findings about storytelling on tablet. With elements like touch and location, pinch, swipe, and scroll, user experience has been redefined with this new medium. Get some insight into the opportunities that the device brings for news, storytelling and advertising.

  2. Check out these articles on the Poynter EyeTrack study.
  3. Dr. Mario Garcia starts the day with an introduction of his experience of dealing with developing news for tablets. He shares 15 lessons on storytelling in the age of the tablet.

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  5. Miranda Mulligan, the executive director at Northwestern's Knight Lab and former digital design director at the Boston Globe, talks about responsive design.
  6. Rick Edmonds of the Poynter Institute reports on revenue strategies for mobile devices.
  7. Next up, Regina McCombs from Poynter discusses the importance of knowing your audience. All research referenced can be found at:
  8. The full report on the EyeTrack Research is going to be released soon. Dr. Mario Garcia, Sara Quinn from Poynter, Dave Stanton from Smart Media Creative, Jeremy Gilbert from Medill identify their findings from the research.
  9. The sharing goes more in-depth with analysis on readers' interactions with their tablets in relation to their reading habits.