Connected China

Reuters' new project, Connected China, is a comprehensive database of political power in the People's Republic. Launched today, it is an effort by the wire service to distill everything its reporters know about China's governing elite and to give that information lasting structure.


  1. The app is built using the latest browser features. It actually seems primarily designed for tablets, and maybe specifically the iPad. Opening it in mobile Safari prompts you to add it to your home screen, where it acts like a native app, even thought it's built entirely in HTML5.
  2. The core editorial goal of the app is to explain the complex relationships between China's leaders. This is especially important as the country transitions from Hu Jintao's presidency to that of Xi Jinping.
  3. Expect to hear more of this from Reg Chua and company over the next few days. I'm planning on asking more about it during our panel Saturday on data-driven beats.