Tax, culture and how the USA uses #citizenshiptaxation to impose US culture (and penalties) on other countries

There are few countries that confer citizenship based on the mere fact of birth in the country. There are only two countries that impose taxation based on citizenship. The United States is the ONLY country that does both - imposing taxation based on a U.S. birthplace!

  1. The view from outside the USA: The USA claims the right to impose taxation on residents of other countries ...
  2. John Richardson Interview - Business News Network
  3. The view from inside the USA: Yet, Representative @GerryConnolly (of FATCA hearing fame) believes that ALL countries impose taxation based on citizenship!
  4. Even the staffers of the Senate Finance Committee think that taxation based on nationality is the norm! See this amazing discussion about a Senate Finance Background paper about International taxation.
  5. The truth is that ONLY the USA and Eritrea have citizenship-based taxation. But, Eritrea citizenship-based taxation is very different from USA citizenship-based taxation. Eritrea wants only money. The USA wants money and obedience!
  6. Here is what an expat of Eritrea says about what Eritrean citizenship taxation means ...
  7. Who knows what the truth is. Here is another perespective on the Eritrea 2% #expat tax ...
  8. Speaking of the "obedience" to the USA. The #FATCA is that: ALL U.S. citizens who live outside the USA (including those who are citizens and residents of other countries) are required to live EXACTLY like Americans inside the USA! "When in Rome, Live As A Homelander! - And don't you forget it!"
  9. Yes, it's true! Through "citizenship-based taxation" the USA is claiming the right to impose direct taxation on the residents and citizens of other countries! This is hard for "homelanders" to get their minds around. But, it's true!
  10. Professor Allison Christians explains the brutal reality of how the application of the Internal Revenue Code destroys the lives of a person who was "Born In The USA" but lived all her life in Canada. #YouCantMakeThisUp! What was this Canadian thinking by investing in Canadian mutual funds?
  11. Understanding the Accidental American: Tina's Story
  12. All Australian residents benefit from the Australian Superannuation. Well, unless you were "Born In The USA". Through the Internal Revenue Code, the USA claims the right to decide which Australian residents can benefit from the Australian Superannuation. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the Australian government accept this BS!
  13. But, so far we are focusing ONLY on what the Internal Revenue Code either prohibits or punishes. How much time does it take for those "subjects" to these rules to document their obedience (It's about the compliance stupid!)? I thought it was only 4% of your life.
  14. But, I was wrong. I forgot about the most courageous #Americansabroad of all ...
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