What are Some Luxury Vehicles available to Rent?

First off, this vehicle is extremely rare. In fact, only 499 were manufactured.


  1. Have you always dreamed of driving an exotic luxury vehicle, but cannot afford the hefty price tag that often comes with it? If so, you might consider renting one for a short time. Driving your dream car can be an exhilarating experience. You get the best of both worlds by not having to fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars while still being able to drive the vehicle of your dreams. Every person has different tastes in what they consider to be their dream car. This article will discuss some of the top exotic signature rentals that may be available to you.

    The Ferrari Scuderia 16M Spider.

    First off, this vehicle is extremely rare. In fact, only 499 were manufactured. This vehicle is considered to be the fastest spider in the Ferrari collection. If you were to purchase this vehicle outright, you would be paying approximately $320,000.00. If you decide to rent the vehicle instead, you would be paying approximately $3,500.00 for a weekend. This vehicle boasts a 4.3 liter V8 engine and tops out at about 196 miles per hour. Another fun fact is that this vehicle has an astonishing 510 horsepower. Not many vehicles out there today can beat this car.

    The McLaren MP4-12C

    Secondly, is the McLaren MP4-12C. This car is a speed demon's dream come true. First off, this vehicle has a V8 Twin Turbo engine. It contains 610 horsepower. Not only can it keep up with other fast cars, it may just leave them in the dust. This beauty tops out at 204 miles per hour. If ever there was a luxury car rental nyc to spend a little extra money on, this would be it. This car retails at $231,400.00 to buy it outright. For a rental, you are looking at about $3,700.00 for a weekend. There is typically a two-day minimum reserve on this vehicle, so be sure to ask about multi-day discounts if applicable. You will have an extremely hard time giving this gorgeous car back.

    Finally, these are just a couple of the exotic car rental options that are available to you. These rentals are great for anything from impressing a date to fulfilling a lifelong dream of driving your dream car. Keep in mind that in order to rent exotic cars, you will have to fork over some cash. If you are interested in renting one of these beautiful vehicles, check out signaturecarcollection.com for more information.