Supernovae and Exoplanets: A Possible Connection? No.

This is an exploration of whether Exoplanets and Supernovae have any connection at all. And the answer seems to be "No".


  1. Naturally, I started off with my prompt.

  2. After a while, I was already having doubts that planets might be too lightweight to have any bearing at all to affect any potential supernova.

  3. And then a professional Astronomer takes the bait! :)
  4. And there you have it. The axe.

    If Brown Dwarfs don't even have enough mass to trigger a supernova (in context with the article ), then mere planets won't have significant effects to do so. 

  5. But we have a consolation. :)

  6. And until then that the WD keeps stripping the BD till it becomes a planet, we will never know whether that "planet" made any impact at all.

  7. Which brings us to one interesting object: A Cataclysmic Variable named AE Aquarii that is within a Binary System.