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Fast-track approval for surface mines

Riverside County supervisors approved a plan to fast-track surface mines that meet certain provisions. The move allows an expedited process for a controversial gravel quarry proposed near Temecula that has drawn a lot of support, criticism and media attention.


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  6. This is an outrageous end run around the democratic process. Granite Construction didn't like the answer they got last time, so now they're trying to change the rules of the game and eliminate our right to comment and affect issues that would have adverse impacts on OUR communities. This is just outrageous. Wow!
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  8. The board of Supervisors were presented with logical reasons why fast tracking surface mining would be a bad idea. Any other board of supervisors would have decided against fast tracking, but not this one. This board has just perpetrated a terrible injustice on Temecula. Time to recall Benoit, Tavaglione and Ashley.
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