Leeds Trinity Journalism Week: Day One

Leeds Trinity Journalism Week 2012 kicked off with journalism legends Jon Snow, Harry Gration, Mark Easton and Peter Salmon, with data journalist and ex-Wiki Leaker James Ball bringing day one to a close. Here are the highlights of the day...


  1. Jon Snow

    Channel 4 News

  2. Snow provided a historical perspective by discussing the changes which have taken place throughout his career.  These involved not only changes in the technology involved, but also changes in attitudes towards sources for breaking stories.
  3. The students were also treated to a number of stories from Snow's long career, including his experiences of interviewing Margaret Thatcher and an incident when Harold Wilson failed to extinguish his pipe before putting it in his pocket prior to a press briefing...
  4. Snow touched upon a number of current and future issues that today's journalism students will need to consider.  He reflected on the need for regulation, stressing that he himself feels that he needs regulating.  He also discussed the new media technologies which are changing the way we do journalism. 
  5. Throughout his talk, Snow provided a lot of inspirational advice to the Leeds Trinity journalism students, including these top comments:
  6. Read more about Jon Snow's visit to Leeds Trinity:
  7. The live blog of the session can be found here:
  8. Harry Gration

    BBC Look North
  9. As a veteran of sport and local news in the north, Harry Gration also provided the students with a personal reflection on his career, echoing many of the general changes observed by Snow.  He told the students about his personal experience of the challenges of professional reporting with a story about the Valley Parade fire: