JISC Future of Research Conference 2010

Examining the strategic role technologies can play in helping institutions overcome the challenges in supporting the research lifecycle today.


  1. Opening Plenary

    Professor Rick Trainor, Vice Chancellor and principal of King’s College London, presented the opening plenary as an introduction to the main conference themes: institutional reputation, efficiency and effectiveness, and collaboration.

    Trainor emphasised that UK higher education must use technology to increase its efficiency and effectiveness and enable collaboration, as well as to demonstrate its importance and competitiveness with the rest of the world.

  2. Reputation

    The first theme under consideration was that of institutional reputation.  

    Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow from the University of Kent opened the discussion in her plenary presentation by highlighting the strength of the UK's international reputation for research....

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  5. Reputation Workshops

    After Julia Goodfellow's plenary presentation, delegates split into three workshop groups to focus on specific aspects of the theme.

    A. Attract the best and save costs: centralise your IT support for research

    B. Protect your reputation? Manage your research data well

    C. What do reputation and branding mean for institutions?

    Session B was live streamed from the main conference hall.  A recording of this session is available at ow.ly/2YKKc

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  7. Efficiency

    The theme of Efficiency was introduced by Professor Martin Hall, Vice Chancellor, University of Salford.

    In his plenary, Hall made a strong case for Open Access as a more effective way of working....

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  10. Collaboration

    The final theme - collaboration - was introduced by Professor Paul Curran, Vice Chancellor, City University London.

    In his presentation, he highlighted the paradox that universities are inherently collaborative places, but the academics within them compete.  He discussed how collaboration is possible within a competitive environment....

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