IWMW13 Highlights: Day 3

A potted summary from day two of the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2013 at the University of Bath, 26th - 28th June 2013.


  1. IWMW and the Birth of the Content Strategist

    Richard Prowse, University of Bath
  2. Richard Prowse at IWMW 13
    Richard Prowse at IWMW 13
  3. Richard Prowse described the role that IWMW played in the establishment of the regular Bath Content Strategy Meetup, and the benefits this has brought in terms of local practice.

    Prowse emphasised how content strategy can help ensure that information about your institution is findable, engaging and useful, which will in turn reduce the workload of support staff and contribute to the widening participation agenda.  He also discussed how content audits can be used to engage content producers within your organisation and can help to begin conversations that can lead to change.

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  5. The University in a Bind

    Dai Griffiths, University of Bolton
  6. Dai Griffiths at IWMW 13
    Dai Griffiths at IWMW 13
  7. Dai Griffiths introduced the concept of a double bind and explained how the current  landscape is placing UK HEIs in a situation where they are repeatedly given contradictory instructions, enforced by threat of punishment with no option for discussion or route out.  

    In exploring this situation, Griffiths noted the contradictory pulls of the REF as a measure of status and open access as a route towards visibility.  He questioned whether we have a coherent story about how MOOCS and OERs fit, or don't fit, within our institutional identity, and observed that the institutional identity is a mythical thing anyway.  This, Griffiths argued, is what makes the role of the web manager challenging in a changing technological environment, and the only way out is to use data to ask questions that could inform better practice.

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  9. The Delicious Discomfort of Not Knowing

    Neil Denny, allLD
  10. Neil Denny explored the experience of living through uncertainty and the communicative challenges that can arise out of our belief in our own knowing.  Denny argued that we should embrace living on the edge of our comfort zone and get used to existing in that uncertain space to help develop coping mechanisms.  

    Denny recommended "going artisan" by doing more new things - including attending (or even speaking at) conferences outside of your sector, reading more, taking up a craft or playing a new board game to get comfortable with the state of not knowing.  He also launched the League of Not Knowing at theleagueofnotknowing.com.

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  12. Conclusions

    Brian Kelly, UKOLN