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CETIS13: Day 1 Highlights

Highlights from the CETIS Conference 2013: Open for Education: Technology Innovation in Universities and Colleges.


  1. About CETIS13

    For over a decade CETIS and JISC have been promoting the open agenda, through a number of programmes and activities including; open educational resources, open standards, open data and open software. This year's CETIS conference explored the benefits and realities to universities and colleges of adopting open strategies and approaches.
  2. The online discussion surrounding the event was wide ranging, so here is a handy summary of some of the highlights to give you a flavour of that discussion...
  3. Opening Keynote

    Digital Citizenship: Underpinning Open Education

    Josie Fraser, ICT Strategy Lead (Children's Capital) at Leicester City Council
  4. Josie Fraser's opening keynote provoked a range of responses from the CETIS13 audience.  Here are some of the key points picked up by those who discussed the talk on Twitter...
  5. Following Josie's keynote, delegates split into several breakout groups for the remainder of the day for extended discussions on a range of topics, including the HE Information Landscape, OER sustainability and the future of CETIS.
  6. Breakout Session

    HE Information Landscape: Seize the Day

    Facilitator: Adam Cooper
  7. Many organisations in the public and private sector could benefit from getting a grip on their data assets. Too often, they are a headache and represent missed opportunities in spades.

    In this breakout session, participants were encouraged to give lightening-talk style contributions to identify ideas for opportunities and practical things that could be done...
  8. Breakout Session

    Open Practice and OER Sustainability

    Facilitators: Lorna, Phil, Li
  9. HEFCE funding of the HE Academy/JISC Open Educational Resources programme has come to an end, but this should not mean the end of UK OER.

    This session reflected on some of the changes and emerging approaches, with an emphasis on which are sustainable and how various technologies might help with sustainability...