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Ev-charge America

A privately-held corporation headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ev-charge America manufactures electric vehicle charging stations. With a product line of portable and fixed charging stations along with products that use renewable energy such as wind and solar power, Ev-charge America strives to minimize the ecological footprint of gas-powered vehicles by making affordable and easy-to-use charging stations widely available. Ev-charge America divides products into two categories residential and commercial. Commercial charging stations can renew electricity in up to four vehicles at a time, while their residential products would work well for the individual consumer. These commercial stations can optionally be equipped with wireless capability and Ethernet connectivity, and the ability to process payments through RFID technology tied to a patron’s account rather than accepting cash as payment. Once charging stations are installed, electric vehicle drivers can easily locate them via navigational systems such as Google Maps and OnStar. To learn more, visit the company’s official website at