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Why do we need adult humor in Pixar movies?

Over the years, kids movies, more specifically animated movies, have became more appealing to the adult crowd. Kids will see an adventure story of a damsel in distress or a girl on a discovery mission whereas the adults remain entertained by the dialogue and the parallels of fictional characters.


  1. In 1995 there came a popular series called Toy Story. Pixar is noted as the first production company to implement adult humor in a child movie because of the issue of parents not wanting to suffer through another movie with their kids about a story they believe they have seen at least a hundred times. When Pixar experimented with their debut of Toy Story in 1995 it was a huge hit, and the responses from parents became grossly positive. One example of subtle hints at mature topics are:    
  2. The word I'm searching for, I can't say...
  3. The word Woody is searching for is a curse word which we will not say because there are young toys around him. A child will not pick up on these small hints, but an adult would most likely laugh at this part because they can relate with Woody because in this scene he is seen as an adult from his intent to use fowl language.  
  4. Most of the people who Tweet about their discoveries in Toy Story were kids when they first saw the movie and remember a great story about toys who talk. Now they pick up on all they missed as a kid and most appreciate the movie even more as an adult. As we age we can see how parents can acknowledge good movies along side of their kids, but it is not until we see the whole story. 
  5. In 1999, after Pixar had much success with Toy Story, the creators introduced the sequel Toy Story 2. Toy Story had excellent reviews by all ages that could follow along and not become distracted by the child-like mystery of toys actually coming to life. Pixar interjected sexual innuendos throughout the story which pass over adolescents and into the minds of the parents. An example is:
  6. Best Scene in 'Toy Story 2'
  7. The wings releasing after Buzz sees Jessie is supposed to resemble Buzz getting an erection. This is easily noticeable for adults and once again is overlooked by kids. 
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  10. The adult humor placed in kids movies appeals to young and old. These facebook posts are by older people who still watch Toy Story because they are still entertained, just in a different way. Pixar can generate more money by alluring all ages and keeping them entertained even 13 years later. 
  11. In 2003 Pixar released Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo housed even more adult humor and adult related topics missed by the younger crowd. This movie has social issues along with uncommon disorders. Pixar portrays these in a comical manner throughout the course of the movie. One example of this is: 
  12. FishAholics - Finding Nemo
  13. This farcical scene is a take off of an Alcoholics Anonymous; a fishaholics meeting. Usually people who attend an AA meeting are not looking for humor, rather a remedy to their addiction. Bruce the shark is that character who is relatable to people who have either been to an AA meeting, or someone who knows about one. Pixar presents this in a funny manner for the audience so they can laugh at sharks wanting to stop their addiction to fish.  
  14. Pixar unveiled The Incredibles in 2004, depicting a family a super heroes who try to live in a normal world. Multiple times during the movie they allude to sex. The ways in which they show this is in a more adult way as to not have children understand. Pixar is faced will a difficult task of making the sly humor visible to an older crowd and hidden from younger kids. They accomplish this in this scene:
  15. The Incredibles - Jazz Montage
  16. In this scene Pixar is showing the parents' marriage getting better judging from the various sexual innuendos that are scattered in the montage. We can see Helen and Bob sneaking around behind their kids to go have sex. Then we can see them flirting when Bob pinches Helen's rear. The final signal is the most obvious when Helen keeps pulling Bob back in the house to have intercourse. Adolescents will miss this because Pixar is not directly showing what is occurring between Helen and Bob, but older audience members can assume they know.