Egypt's election results trickle out

Tallies of vote counting scheduled to begin on Tuesday night have begun leaking to Egyptian newspapers via anonymous sources and political party officials.


  1. The Muslim Brotherhood's political wing says it is leading preliminary results in Egypt's first round of parliamentary voting, followed by the Salafi Nour Party and the liberal Egyptian Bloc.

    Elements of the former regime, including those who once belonged to the ruling National Democratic Party, have also won seats, the FJP said.
  2. According to unnamed sources, in Cairo's Hadayek el-Qeba sub-district, part of the capital's second disrict, the Brotherhood's FJP won 6,872 votes, followed by the liberal Egyptian Bloc with 2,181, followed by the Salafi Nour Party with 1,780

    In the Shubra sub-district of Cairo's first district, it was FJP with 3,863, Bloc with 1,561 and Nour with 710. 
  3. Al-Ahram, citing unnamed sources, says preliminary results in Port Said show the FJP's Akram el-Shaer beating out well-known activist George Ishaq, founder of the Kefaya movement, for an individual seat there. 

    In the list districts, the report says, the FJP is leading, followed by the Salafi Nour Party and the moderate Islamist Wasat Party.
  4. Hany Rasmy, citing Shorouk, says that preliminary results show the FJP's Hosni Dwidar and Nour's Abdelmoneim el-Shehat have won individual "class" seats (non-worker/farmer seats) in the Muntaza district.
  5. Al-Ahram says preliminary results in the Red Sea governorate show the FJP leading, followed by the liberal Free Egyptians and two parties alleged to have ties to the Mubarak's regime: the Egyptian Citizen and Freedom parties. Ahram also says Coptic candidates Samir Hares is leading in an individual district.
  6. As expected, the majority of Egypt's expatriate votes came from the Gulf. Al-Ahram says more than 35,000 votes were registered at the embassy in Riyadh alone.
  7. Some detailed results from the Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, where liberals have suffered a heavy loss. Al-Masry Al-Youm reports that the FJP is the leading list in the second district, with 92,750 votes. In second place is the Salafi Nour Party with 67,634, while Wafd came in third with 46,540. Rounding out the rest of the voting was the moderate Islamist Wasat, the leftist and liberal Revolution Continues, the conservative and regime-tied Reform and Development, the liberal Egyptian Bloc and the Democratic Front.  
  8. Al Jazeera producer Nadia Abou el-Magd reports that the announcement of election results has been postponed to Thursday.
  9. Al-Masry Al-Youm quotes the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria as saying more than 70 percent of the Coptic population in Egypt's second city voted, the large majority of them for the Egyptian Bloc and Revolution Continues alliance.
  10. Masrawy says that there will be a run-off in Assiut's first individual seat district between Samir Khashit, an FJP candidate, and Mahmoud Abu Layla, an Egyptian Bloc candidate.
  11. The FJP won 40 percent of the vote in Fayoum's first district, while the Salafi Nour Party won 30 percent. The remaining 30 percent was split among the Freedom Party, Wasat Party, Egyptian Bloc, Wafd Party and Revolution Continues alliance.
  12. Candidates for the FJP and Wafd Party are leading the competition for one of the individual seats in Cairo's seventh district, Masrawy says, while indicators show Salafi Nour Party candidate Mohammed Abu Jabal winning an individual seat.
  13. Early indicators in Cairo's eastern Matareyya and Medinat Salaam district show the FJP in the lead, followed by the Salafi Nour Party and the liberal Egyptian Bloc.