Circular Transitions Conference

In November 2016, over 100 designers, researchers and scientists gathered at the Tate Britain in London to brainstorm the fashion industry's approach to the Circular Economy revolution. Here's a summary, in the words of those who were there. (Curated through the lens of Trash-2-Cash)


  1. What, exactly, were we brainstorming?

  2. Starting at the end - here's what people said about the event (can you tell we all left feeling empowered to change the world?)

  3. Let's break down that challenge even further....

  4. Waste, waste, was quite the theme of the conference. And it's one we're really interested in at T2C too of course - how do we take the forgotten, the rejected, the redundant...and restore it to newly created glory? Recongise that waste = VALUE was the message.