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State of the Union 2017

13 September 9.00 CET


  1. The State of the Union is an annual speech and debate during which MEPs review what the European Commission has done over the past year as well as assess its objectives for the year to come.
  2. This Storify page shows speakers in reverse chronological order meaning quotes by the last speaker are on top and quotes by the first speaker are on the bottom.
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  6. European Commission page on the 2017 State of the Union, including links to several publications:
  7. Full text of Juncker's speech:
  8. Jean-Claude Juncker

  9. Responding to comments made by MEPs during the debate, Jean-Claude Juncker said: "The Commission will continue to work towards making legislation, for example, on social issues. The Council and the Parliament have seen a whole range of initiatives submitted to them.
  10. "It’s not the Commission that is responsible for posting of workers directive not having been reviewed yet and the same would apply to a number of other proposals.
  11. "In a letter of intentions, we describe in detail the Commission's intentions. And we would like to involve the Parliament and the Council very closely in the work that will be done between now and the 24th of October when the work programme of the Commission is adopted."
  12. "I hope that we will be able to work together harmoniously."
  13. Check below for coverage of the first round of speakers in reverse chronological order (last speaker on top, first speaker on the bottom):
  14. Harald Vilimsky

  15. Harald Vilimsky, an Austrian member of the ENF group, said: "The right road for Europe can only be the road where there's more democracy left to the people."
  16. Nigel Farrage