1. Turkey is currently hosting over 2.5 million registered Syrian refugees and most of the over one million migrants and refugees who reached the EU in 2015 came via Turkey. At January's plenary session members urged EU member states to deliver on the €3 billion refugee facility for Turkey. As the EU searches for the best approach to tackle the crisis, two delegations of MEPs from the civil liberties and budgets committees travel to Turkey this week to assess the situation of refugees there.
  2. Jean Arthuis and Sylvie Guillaume answered the questions asked by our followers on Facebook
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  4. Live updates from Turkey

  5. Wednesday, 10 February 2016
    Budgets committee delegation, led by Jean Arthuis, visited Osmaniye refugee camp in Turkey
  6. @JeanArthuis: The migration crisis should make us aware of the urgency of a political Europe
  7. @EuropaJens : Camp Osmaniye is a small (tent) city with schools, a hospital, shops and sports facilities. But it is narrow and surrounded by barbed wire.
  8. @younousomarjee: Arrival at the Osmaniye camp.
  9. @EP_Budgets delegation led by @JeanArthuis in Turkey checks the use of EU refugee aid