Debate on recent terrorist attacks in Paris

Members of the Parliament discussed the terrorist attacks in Paris and subsequent actions taken in plenary on Wednesday morning with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Nicolas Schmit representing the Council. This Storify collected tweets and quotes from the debate live.


  1. Our live coverage has ended. We only covered the first round of speakers of all political groups in the European Parliament. You can find the video of the debate here.
  2. Parliament President Martin Schulz opened the plenary. The debate started with the representative of the Council Nicolas Schmit. He is Luxembourg minister for labour, employment and the social economy, wants to reiterate his sympathy with the victims of the Paris attacks, their relatives and all the other victims of terrorism. "We need a bigger and more intensive cooperation on the european level", said Schmit.
  3. "We need the widest and most intense European cooperation possible. It should include all those ready to engage with us in this relentless battle against those who love terror by killing indiscriminately. Never before we have needed a strong Europe, more capable of acting quickly, in a coordinated way, with solidarity."
  4. Nicolas Schmit added that the Council hopes to reach an agreement on passenger name records soon.
  5. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that we tend to concentrate on our cooperation with Turkey, but we should not forget the others and reminded on the new EU fond of 1.8 billion Euros for Africa.
  6. Juncker added that in December the European Commission will propose a text on border and coast guard. "This is a necessity," he underlined. "We are persuaded that we have to create European register of travellers."
  7. He also urged Members Stats to do what they promised. "We need to assist more than before our closest neighbours. The collective performance of Jordan and Lebanon is admirable. We have to assist the people who carry the heavy weight of the refugee crisis."
  8. The EPP chair Manfred Weber from Germany said: "We need to act calmly, but also be decisive in our actions" and "we need to be clear about the fact that it's not Islam which is a problem here, rather that it's these crazy terrorists that are the problem."
  9. He also added that the EU needs to act. "We need to tackle PNR, we need to make progress when it comes to Europol or the data protection directive, the data storage legislation as well as tackling the funding of terrorism. We now need to deliver, we need results."
  10. We have to be aware of the fact that "refugees coming to Europe are the victims of terrorism, they are not the perpetrators of terrorism."
  11. The S&D chair Gianni Pitella from Italy said: "Europe will not allow itself to be changed by terrorists."
  12. "Europe has to reassert its cohesive social model and we must make it clear that Islam is part of the cultural and religious identity of this continent and Islam has nothing to do with the ideology of death of Daesh."
  13. He also mentioned unemployment and poverty as causes behind terrorism that drive impoverished young people into lives of terrorism. On PNR Pittella said:
  14. Syed Kamall, chair of ECR from the United Kingdom, said: "Let us be inspired by the words of Antoine Leiris who lost his wife in Bataclan: I will not give you the gift of hating you. [...] We all need to come together to show that terrorists won’t win."
  15. Furthermore, Kamall said: "Better integration must be a part of a solution: for where there are young people that feel they not belong to the country in which they live (..), Daesh will see them as potential recruits."
  16. He added that there is no need for an EU intelligence agency. "The answer is not always more Europe. We need more trust between national agencies to share intelligence."