Audience Development Seminar 2014 Sofia

Thursday 13 March - Sunday 16 March organised in partnership with Sofia International Film Festival & Europa Distribution. NEW APPROACHES WITH NEW AUDIENCES IN THE DIGITAL ERA - STARTING FROM SCRATCH


  1. • Programming andpartnership strategies to target new audiences.

    • How does the cinemavenue take over from the distributor when promoting films?

    • Social Media:promoting film theatres and films to young internet users.Exhibitor/distributor initiatives

    • How to adapt marketing strategies set upin other sectors?

    • How to train cinemastaff to use new technologies.

    • How can the film theatre open its doors to new content andnew audiences?
  2. Directed byMadeleine PROBST (Producer, Watershed Media Centre in Bristol,Great-Britain) together with Maciek Jakubczyk (Education Officer andDistribution Manager, New Horizons Association, Poland) and Mathias Holtz (ProgrammingManager, Folkets Hus och Parker, Sweden), this seminar will enable exhibitorsto exchange expertise, information and experiences of programming, events andmarketing strategies to attract audiences, in particular young people.
  3. For this first seminar,Europa Cinemas and Europa Distribution (European Network of Independent FilmDistributors) will set up a joint half-day session to debate about the renewingof audiences for European films.
    DAY 1 - Welcoming words & Getting to know each other setting out the challenges
    DAY 2 - Cinema in its community, re-imagining our cinema spaces, making partnerships and approaching new audiences
    DAY 3 - Renew the cinema offer (Joint session with Europa Distribution) and get new content
    DAY 4 - Conclusions and debriefing

    Welcoming words
    Mira Staleva (Deputy Director of Sofia InternationalFilm Festival)
    Claude-Eric Poiroux
    (Europa Cinemas, General Director)
    MadeleineProbst (Watershed Media Centre - Bristol, Great-Britain)
  6. Claude-Eric Poiroux "It is very important that everyone here share his manner to communicate with the audience"
  7. CEP "Cinema is one of the three social markers (with music and clothes)"
  8. Session 1 - Getting to know each other & setting out the challenges
  9. The Europa Cinemas network has 4 members in Bulgaria:
    Dom na Kinoto, Euro Cinema, Lumière in Sofia & Festival and Congress Centre in Varna. All the venues are represented in the seminar!
    (We look forward to visiting the Euro Cinema all together tomorrow morning)
  10. Conclusion of the Day
    The self-presentation of the participants challenges show common aspects: many consider the programming or the screening room as strong points whereas they often feel penalized for the lack of space - in the lobbyor outside the cinema. Some representative from Eastern countries still reveal the problem with the digital equipment. Besides these structural aspects, the cinemas representative already demonstrate creativity skills. Tomorrow, we will precisely think about spaces.
  11. DAY TWO: FRIDAY 14 MARCH 2014

    The day starts with a field trip @ Euro Cinema.
    How does local venue fit into thecommunity of Sofia? This is what we are going to find out visiting the Euro Cinema in Sofia altogether this morning. The participants will think about their 'experience' of crossing the threshold of the cinema and will have a reflection on their own venues.