Audience Development & Innovation Lab Bologna 2016

The cinema experience in the age of digital distractions? - 25-29 June 2016


  1. Il Cinema Ritrovato turns thirty this year, living and breathing proof that our rich cinema heritage is very much alive; as is the collective ritual of watching great films together, most spectacularly al fresco on the magnificent Piazza Maggiore. With a rich and textured programme that promises everything from dazzling Technicolor and breathtaking musical scores to time travel back to the Lumière brothers’ first touring programme, we would be hard pressed to imagine a better place for cinema practitioners from across Europe to come together to reflect on the past, present and futureof cinema.

    In an era of increasing digital distractions and unprecedented availability of films, old and new, both legally and illegally on multiple platforms, where does the cinema sit with audiences’ expectations and viewing habits particularly the new generations of digital natives? And to what extent might the cinema experience be enhanced or diminished by the emergence of new film experiences?

    We ask, how is this new world order likely to impact on the art of programming films in a collective setting? Are our existing spaces, business models and audience development strategies fit for purpose in today’s multi-platform environment? How might we think creatively and playfully about co-designing spaces and film experiences that are in tune with the next wave of film-goers and film-makers?

    The lab provides a much needed research and development space for practitioners from cinemas of all shapes and sizes to step out of the day-to-day to reflect onsome of these questions, share approaches - successes and failures - and collectively evolve responsive and practical strategies for dealing with an increasingly dynamic environment. For example, one of the challenges for this year’s lab participants will be to dream and scheme new cinema spaces with a little inspiration from architect Jean-Marc Lalo (Atelier Architecture Lalo, France) who has been building new inspiring cinemas across the globe and a trip down to Cinema Modernissimo, a real-life underground heritage cinema project at the heart of Bologna.

    In the ever evolving digital landscape and with the emergence of new platforms for film consumption, what we can still learn 120 years after the Lumière Brothers’ early projection experiments is the importance of audiences coming together to share stories combined with innovative curation and programming of the cinematic experience.
  2. 29 June 2016
    Actions you plan to take back to your venue. What are the obstacles and potential solutions and partners? How might the Europa Cinemas network help you develop your ambitions?
  4. Ready to leave #ecbolab2016 #bologna to go back to #belgium with a #suitcase full of #ideas .
    Ready to leave #ecbolab2016 #bologna to go back to #belgium with a #suitcase full of #ideas .

  5. 28 June 2016
  6. Picture & Word of the Day: the photo has been taken by Franziska Rummel portraying the practical task with teens, the word of the day is LISTENING, referred to listen to your young audience and listen and observe in buildng partnerships
  8. Ines Volf from Art-Kino (Croatia) introduced the other participants their film-making workshops for elementary school pupils
  9. Burkhard Vogel (Germany) showed Broadway Filmtheater Youtube channel and the content they broadcast
  10. Monatsvorschau Mai - broadway filmtheater
  11. Monica Naldi from Beltrade (Italy) presented the crowdfunding project to involve their audience in the financing of the production and distribution of small independent films