1. Auckland, New Zealand, was one of the first to get the party started...

  2. New Zealand Fireworks 2014 at Auckland Sky Tower & New Year Celebrations 2014 | HD
  3. Thousands of revelers attended the world-famous firework and pyrotechnics display over the harbour in Sydney, Australia. 
  4. Happy New Year! Fireworks over Sydney as 2014 comes to Australia (recorded live feed)
  5. 2014 Midnight Fireworks: Sydney, Australia (Full Show HD)
  6. Shinto priests gathered at shrines in Japan to prepare to usher in the new year. 

  7. 2013 2014 New Year Fireworks Tokyo, Japan Full Show HD
  8. In contrast, Wuhan in China called off its firework display to avoid worsening the city’s smog problem. 
  9. While in most of Chinese cities the celebrations went off without incident 
  10. In Moscow security was tight - after the bombings in Volgograd - as Russians enjoyed fireworks over Red Square.

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  12. Many of the world’s larger cities celebrated the new year in style; Dubai broke the world record for the largest firework display. It stretched across 48 kilometres of seafront, with some of the fireworks reaching over one kilometre in height.