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#CAPonTheGround: Communicating the new CAP

We will be covering how the EU's reformed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) supports sustainable food supply, environmental protection, innovation and growth.


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  2. [LINKSDOSSIER] CAP: Still a work in progress

  3. [SPECIAL REPORT] Can the (new) CAP deliver on sustainability?

  4. Europe entering the era of ‘precision agriculture’
  5. The agricultural sector has stepped into the digital era, in an effort to respond to rising global nutrition needs and tackle the environmental crisis.
  6. Farming in mountainous areas: A fragile balance
  7. There is one type of agriculture that is more demanding and laboursome than others, but essential from a social point of view, and that is mountain farming
  8. De Castro: CAP reform not set in stone, can be changed
  9. The looming threat of a cut to the EU agriculture budget has prevented the Parliament to fight for a full-fledged CAP reform, but all is not lost as it can be changed through the mid-term review, said Paolo de Castro, Italy's former Minister of Agriculture.
  10. Commission ready to give more aid to young farmers
  11. Over 160,000 young European farmers will start their own businesses thanks to aid provided by the 2014-2020 rural development programmes.
  12. Burgeoning results from a greener CAP
  13. The "greening" of direct payments, a crucial element of the Common Agricultural Policy reforms, came into force at the beginning of the year, but it is still a divisive topic.
  14. Agricultural market volatility is 'here to stay'
  15. The farmers' protests that paralysed Brussels on 7 September, and hit Europe over the summer, are the result of agriculture prices volatility, which experts say "is here to stay".