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Live coverage of #EUCO on migration, terrorism, UKinEU and EMU


  1. 14:45 PS - after last night's last-minute emergency Cameron press conference in which the coat of arms repeatedly slipped, it has been properly affixed today. Superglue or blutac? My source refused to comment...
  2. 14:35 Cameron just gave a 16 minute press conference at the conclusion of the EU summit, where he dropped a pretty big hint - deliberately or inadvertently - that the UK 'Brexit' referendum will be next year.

    He told reporters 2016 would be the year "we achieve something really vital" (the renegotiation) and they people get to vote whether to "remain or leave."

    Later he added that his self-imposed deadline of 2017 was so he "left myself some room."

    So, a hint (or a goof), nothing more, but it's getting the British press pack very excited.

  3. 08:55 On the agenda today:
  4. 08:50 Welcome back! The coverage yesterday evening was pretty comprehensive so we don't have much to add. Interesting to note however how incredibly thin the conclusions on the UK are:
  5. Worth adding to your reading list this morning is an interview with the Greek Minister of European Affairs, by our colleague, Sarantis Michalopoulos. It focuses on the refugee crisis, Turkey and the new European coastguard and border agency.
  6. 01:27 EurActiv's night team says 'goodnight'. The morning team will take over tomorrow with more coverage of the Council summit around 9 AM. Here are our last stories from Thursday:
  7. 01:08 Cameron's press conference is still ongoing.
  8. 01:03 Merkel's press conference is over. Here are some of her quotes on migration:
  9. "The adoption of the conclusions show that we are all aware that preserving the Schengen and coping with migratory flows are linked. Even if you may not see solutions to specific details, I must say that compared to the previous summits and discussions this awareness of protection of freedom of movement and protection of external borders and the issue of coping with migratory flows are absolutely interlinked and relevant to the very existence of the EU. This discussion was a very open and candid one."

    "We have to learn new mechanisms, we have to adopt new mechanisms. We cannot leave this just to Italy and Greece. We have to help each other. We have had this problem for four or five months. For many other issues that were important, we needed years."
  10. 23:50 Tonight/today's leg of the summit is over. Press conferences to follow.
  11. 23:36 The migration conclusions are online - below - EurActiv's senior editor Georgi Gotev's 140-character pithy summary below that.
  12. 23:31 Breaking....the "really long time" Cameron spoke for was around 40 minutes, according to the same source.
  13. 23:15 An EU source just said that the leaders have decided that tonight's summit, no matter what, should be framed as a victory for Cameron. They will agree with his interpretation of how the summit went in order to try to prevent Brexit.
    Cameron apparently spoke for a "really long time" during dinner.