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On 22-25 May, all EU member states will hold elections for the European Parliament. Follow the latest news from across Europe sourced from the EurActiv Network, present in 15 European countries.

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  3. Of gray-suited technocrats and ridiculous rules

    24/4 - "Brussels... Where gray-suited technocrats make decisions about our future without asking us what we think." Hang on? Bertelsmann launched a campaign video to mobilise its audience to get out the votes on 22-25 May. Have a look:
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  5. German centre-right: 'Only with Merkel can we reach voters'

    24/4 - For Germany's centre-right, Europe only plays a supporting role in the EU elections, explained Parliament VP Rainer Wieland. European politics are unimaginable without Angela Merkel, while topics like data protection and Ukraine "do not win elections". EurActiv Germany reports:
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  7. Dany Boon: 'Europe are united states in different languages'

    22/4 - The French organisation Européens sans frontières published a video starring France's most renowned cultural figures speaking out on Europe. The producers hope to get citizens engaged in the EU elections. Voter turnout in the last EU elections in France (2009) was at 40.63%.
  8. Italy: liberal alliance backs Guy Verhofstadt

    22/4 - The liberal alliance party Scelta Europea is supporting Guy Verhofstadt in his bid for the EU Commission presidency. Scelta Europea, a pro-EU list of candidates of liberal parties across Italy, was founded for the 2014 elections.
  9. Facts and fiction in the EU elections campaigns

    BRUSSELS, 18/4 - The online citizen journalist website FactcheckEU is tracking statements of politicians across Europe, and holds them to account based on facts and official figures. Are Europe's politicians truthful in their campaigning?
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  12. Cox: Ukraine must be at heart of EU elections campaign

    BRUSSELS, 17/4 - In an interview with EurActiv, former TV presenter and EU Parliament president Pat Cox said that the lead candidates running for Commission president in the EU elections must put Ukraine at the heart of their campaigns, because 'the EU's stance on energy and foreign policy matters'.
  13. Former Parliament president Pat Cox predicts EU elections results
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  15. Schulz gets slammed by MEPs with 'red card'

    BERLIN, 17/4 - Martin Schulz must step down and must clarify how he is separating his campaign spending from his expenses as EU Parliament president. That's what MEPs called for at their last European Parliament session in Strassbourg, on Wednesday (16 April). 

    Schulz is president of the EU Parliament and socialist frontrunner to become the next EU Commission president. He has been criticised numerous times in the past weeks for refusing to step down as Parliament president. EurActiv Germany reports: