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Latest: EU Elections 2014

On 22-25 May, all EU member states will hold elections for the European Parliament. Follow the latest news from across Europe sourced from the EurActiv Network, present in 15 European countries.


  1. -- Tuesday 27 May --

  2. The final results have come in. The big question that puzzles EU decision makers next is: who will lead Europe in the coming five years?  First stop: electing the next EU Commission president. 

    As EU leaders gather in Brussels, two days after the elections, they will discuss their preferred profile for the job. Political groups in the EU Parliament, meanwhile, try and forge a coalition to back one of the five candidates, who promised voters they could vote for their own choice of EU executive chief.

    EurActiv continues its live coverage on Europe's future leadership, right here:
  3. That wraps up the campaign and EU election results. Thanks for tuning in and stay tuned on the aftermath via the link above!
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  5. -- The Results: Analysis --

  6. Monday, 9am. And we're back with the live coverage. EurActiv's morning editors have been writing away while the EurActiv Live team has been taking a couple of hours of sleep. Here are their latest analysis stories. Stories are being added throughout the day.
  7. Europe on course for ‘grand coalition’ after election

    Despite a rise in anti-European parties, political balances remained broadly unchanged in the European Parliament following the elections yesterday (25 May), with the centre-right and centre-left parties on track for a grand coalition.
  8. 'Social Europe' to dominate post-electoral talks

    Obviously disappointed by the results but still feisty, Martin Schulz, the Social Democrat candidate for the European Commission Presidency, made it clear to his main opponent, Christian Democrat Jean-Claude Juncker, that the battle "has only just begun".
  9. Greens open to discussions with Juncker

    The European Green Party looks to have won 55 seats, up 11 seats from 2009, and the best result for Green parties in European elections ever, while many new and small parties also potentially could end up in the leftist group.
  10. Leftist Syriza wins Greek EU poll, requests early general election

    For the first time in the political history of Greece, a leftist party won the first position in the EU elections, beating the ruling center-right New Democracy, and putting into question its political legitimacy. 
  11. Italy's Renzi triumphs in EU vote

    Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was on course for a sweeping victory in Sunday's European election, with voter projections giving his centre-left Democratic Party (PD) a huge lead over the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement of ex-comic Beppe Grillo.
  12. Socialists win in Portugal, stay second in Spain

    Portugal's main opposition Socialists won elections for the European Parliament yesterday (25 May) in an austerity-weary country which earlier this month exited an international bailout. In Spain, the opposition Socialists came second, but both centre-left and centre-right lost support compared to 2009.
  13. UKIP clinch European elections victory, Lib Dems plunge

    The UK Independence Party scored an expected yet resounding victory in the European Parliament elections while the Liberal Democrats faced electoral wipeout, after first results were announced early Monday morning (26 May).
  14. Socialists win by landslide in Sweden as voters punish governing parties

    Swedish voters in the European Parliament elections have punished the parties of the centre-right government coalition and in particular Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's Moderates, which only got 13.5% of the votes.
  15. Danish far right party wins in EU elections, doubles mandate

    The far-right Eurosceptic Danish People's Party has won 26.7% of the votes and becoming by far the biggest Danish party in the Parliament with four seats. The party has doubled its mandates since 2009.