Latest: EU Elections 2014

On 22-25 May, all EU member states will hold elections for the European Parliament. Follow the latest news from across Europe sourced from the EurActiv Network, present in 15 European countries.

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  3. Schulz gets slammed by MEPs with 'red card'

    BERLIN, 17/4 - Martin Schulz must step down and must clarify how he is separating his campaign spending from his expenses as EU Parliament president. That's what MEPs called for at their last European Parliament session in Strassbourg, on Wednesday (16 April). 

    Schulz is president of the EU Parliament and socialist frontrunner to become the next EU Commission president. He has been criticised numerous times in the past weeks for refusing to step down as Parliament president. EurActiv Germany reports:
  4. Where was Marine Le Pen?

    17/4 - French MEPs from different mainstream parties scorned Marine Le Pen for not attending parliament meetings, calling it "militant absenteeism'. EurActiv France reports:
  5. From the Twitter Feed

    17/4 - A selection of tweets on the latest news across Europe:
  6. 'Happy Voting' has Brussels dancing

  7. A video showing MEPs dancing in the streets of Brussels was launched last month, in the hope of attracting young voters for the next European elections, in May. Full story:
  8. Daul: Reason for EU? Porn without borders

    15/4 - Joseph Daul is 67 years old. He is also the president of the EU Parliament's largest faction EPP. 

    When Daul was 18, he tells the French local paper Dernières nouvelles d'Alsace, he "wanted to go to Kehl (in Germany) to see porn movies that were banned in France", but "you had to wait two-and-a-half hours to get through customs. You'd get to the cinema and the film was already finished." 

    The reason for his story? "When you explain it that way to youngsters they understand straight away what Europe means," the Frenchman said.
  9. Former EP president Pat Cox predicts EU elections

    BRUSSELS, 14/4 - Our video team spoke to former European Parliament president Pat Cox, who gave his thoughts on the outcomes of May's ballot. (Link)