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How can independent media survive across Europe?

How can independent media survive across Europe? Fondation EurActiv releases six recommendations in January 2015 for a more effective EU strategy towards media and the fourth estate.


  1. -- Six recommendations for sustainable media --

  2. First up at the event were Fondation EurActiv's 6 recommendations for independent and sustainable media in Europe (link: PDF).
  3. #1 - an EU strategy for a healthy media sector

  4. If the European Union wants to back a healthy and sustainable media sector... it needs a plan. An EU strategy on media requires a high level group gathering publishers and journalists around the table. This group will: scrutinise the viability of sub-sectors in the media landscape, look at cross-border media, media syndication and translation in Europe.
  5. #2 - let Commercial revenues grow

  6. Unnecessary regulation need to be scrapped to allow publishers and media organisations to grow commercially. An assessment of the balance between consumers' interest, readers' needs and public interest will help.
  7. #3 - separate EU comms from EU media strategy

  8. The EU can invest in existing media and events rather than creating new, EU-controlled ones. This will shift the EU's comms budget from consultancies to media.
  9. #4 - respect Subsidiarity

  10. Direct EU intervention is tricky in the media landscape. But an EU-wide debate on putting in place decentralised media regulators - independent from governments - will trigger national actions.
  11. #5 - support Quality journalism

  12. Investigation and fact-checking is at the heart of healthy journalism organisations. The EU can encourage training and support expenses for journalists who challenge myths and populism in Europe.
  13. #6 - develop Innovation Strategy for media

  14. Media needs innovation now more than ever. The EU's research & development programme Horizon 2020 can invest in media innovation specifically by supporting translation & localisation projects, curation platforms and the development of value-adding social media tools.
  15. -- News --

  16. The EU should help encourage a better business environment for pan-European media and help it develop new technology pilots, former Commissioners told an event on sustainable media staged in the Parliament last week (29 January).
  17. Digitisation poses a danger to media diversity and the EU should focus as much on content and quality as access issues within the European Commission’s digital single market strategy, a senior EU executive claimed recently. On EurActiv:
  18. All news on #Media4EU on our topic page on EurActiv.
  19. -- The Debate --

  20. A panel spanning the institutions, media, civil society and industry debated the virtue of an EU strategy for sustainable & independent media.