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Wrap-up: Informal EU Summit - 12 February

An informal meeting of the EU Heads of State or Government will talk about the situation in Ukraine, the functioning of the Economic Monetary Union, the Greek bailout, and the EU's work in the fight against terrorism.


  1. Friday, 13 February

  2. 10:00am Wrap-up of the summit
  3. Greece's attempt to renegotiate its bailout package and the Minsk agreement struck between Russia and Ukraine dominated the EU summit talks. EU leaders also agreed to improve cooperation between member states to fight terrorism. The measures include adopting the European Passenger Name Records directive, combatting arms trafficking, strengthening border controls, and blocking terrorism funding.
  4. EU leaders welcomed the ceasefire agreement to end fighting in eastern Ukraine, but said they gave it "cautious support" and that words put down on paper must translate into real action.

    “The ceasefire must be respected. We must see real deescalation of the conflict. This is not just about the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The whole geopolitical order in Europe is at stake,” European Council President Donald Tusk told reporters on Thursday in Brussels.
  5. EU leaders give 'cautious support' to Ukraine's peace plan
  6. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker remains concerned about Greece.
  7. “The Greek government has said that they can agree to 70% of the existing programme. We have to see which 70% the new Greek government agrees with, and the 30% where they disagree,” he added.
  8. Reaching a deal on Greece's emergency financing will be possible at the technical level but a political agreement with the country's new left wing government will be "very difficult," Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem said on Thursday as he left the EU Council meeting in Brussels.
  9. Dijesslbloem says political deal with Greece 'very difficult'
  10. The "family photo" at the end of the summit is a well-established tradition. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tweeted the heart-warming snap. But wait, who's missing? Alexis Tsipras, the newly elected Greek prime minister is nowhere to be seen. Why would Rajoy crop the picture? Could it have anything to do with Greece's bailout renegotiation? Which if successful, will be greedily seized upon by Podemos, the left-wing political phenomenon expected to challenge Rajoy in November's general elections. That could explain Rajoy's reluctance to pictured with the poster boy of the resurgent radical left.
  11. 9:30am
  12. “If the Minsk agreement is violated, this is exactly the reason for further restrictive measures by the EU and the USA,” Poroshenko said.
  13. EU leaders will not review the Schengen rules despite France and Spain asking for it. Instead, it was said that more could be done under the existing rules.
  14. Commission President Jean Claude Juncker presented at the EU summit an Analytical Note on the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) to make the Eurozone more resilient to crisis.
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