EurActory's frequently asked questions


  1. -- FAQ 1: What is EurActory for? --

  2. The service aims to gather the public information that is out there about the relevant experts and policy makers, to share this knowledge with this community and to allow members of this community to contribute their own expertise. More info here.
  3. -- FAQ 2: Who has a profile on EurActory? --

  4. Currently, the team behind EurActory has integrated the information available on the European Union’s Whoiswho website, enriched with the core community of readers of the EU news & policy debates website, More info here.
  5. -- FAQ 3: Why am I not in there? --

  6. The team behind EurActory could not find your details in the databases that we have integrated. Not to worry though: you can help us by telling us about yourself and what you do. More info here.
  7. -- FAQ 4: What will EurActory look like in the future? --

  8. Our next move is ranking. We are working on a sophisticated ranking system, to launch early 2015, which will allow you to identify the most relevant experts per EU policy field within seconds. More info here.
  9. -- FAQ 5: Who is behind EurActory? --

  10. Having useful apps would require people who understand data, tech and development to team up with people who know the EU policy-making process… and know the community of EU experts. More info here.
  11. -- FAQ 6: What is EU Community? --

  12. EU Community works to transform Europe's public sphere(s) - online and offline - into a collaborative community of EU policy professionals. More info here.
  13. -- FAQ 7: So how do I sign up? --