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EU Summit on the crisis in Ukraine

EU heads of state gathered in Brussels on 6 March 2014 to decide on measures to take in response to the crisis in Ukraine.


  1. -- The Wrap-up --

  2. EU blamed for mishandling Ukraine trade pact agreement

    EXCLUSIVE / The EU finds itself in the embarrassing situation of having mishandled a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Ukraine’s landmark Association Agreement, and the new Kyiv government is furious, EurActiv has found. 
  3. -- Thursday, 6 March --

  4. Klitschko and Tymoshenko address centre-right parties in Dublin

    DUBLIN - 20.05. Vitali Klitschko addressed the press at the European People's Party, pointing at one major hurdle to overcome in the renewed statebuilding in Ukraine: "There is a fear of government," he said. "Governments have spoken much but performed very little. Our aim is to address what interests the people – not the oligarchs or the elites. We need to build a transparent power; a transparent government. A modern, transparent state. I believe we can achieve such progress in a period of between six and twelve months."
  5. 19.30. At the European People's Party congress in Dublin, Yulia Tymoshenko took the stage to address the centre-right delegates on the crisis in Ukraine. 

    "Many of Ukrainian sons were shot in the streets. But whilst being shot, they were giving us the hope to defend Ukraine. We’re talking about the freedom of the entire region," Tymoshenko told the audience in Dublin. "Please do defend Ukraine. It will become a different country. It has become an idea of European freedom; of European strength. Don’t let this die out."
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  7. 18.15. And that concludes the live-tweeting from the parallel press conferences.
  8. From the Press Conference with Angela Merkel (DE):