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Wrap up: EU summit on energy, Ukraine and Greece

Energy Union, Ukraine, and economic issues are on the table at the EU leaders' gathering in Brussels, 19-20 March 2015.


  1. 16.36 David Cameron's presser, his last before the May 7 general election, is worth watching.
  2. 15.36 Alexis Tsipras adopted a defiant tone at his presser, saying Greece will continue to fight the technocrats and the neo-liberals in Europe
  3. 12:26 The EU's plans for an Energy Union are likely to run in opposition from Athens, which declared its opposition to some key elements of the plan, reports Sarantis Michalopoulos from EurActiv Greece.
  4. The European Commission's plan to vet member states' energy deals with third countries, including Russia, undermines the national sovereignty of Greece, said the Greek energy minister, Panagiotis Lafazanis.
  5. “Greece will not become a dependent pawn of unilateral energy choices or axes, in the name of the alleged diversity of EU’s energy supplies,” Lafazanis said.
  6. Lafazanis clarified that Greece was not an energy “satellite” of any big power but said it was pursuing “multidimensional energy relations with all the countries of our region and in Europe”.

    The pro-Russia stance does not come as a surprise. Greece was among the EU member states that had signed an intergovernmental agreement with Gazprom on South Stream, a project finally scrapped by Moscow.
  7. Lafazanis also said the privatisation process of the Greek energy market will stop.
  8. Cameron: I want to come back to Brussels with a mandate for reform