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EU leaders struggle for solidarity over refugees

Live coverage of the summit


  1. 07:40: Good morning everyone. Here's our wrap-up from last night.
  2. And the full statement:
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  4. 02:06: EurActiv's Jorge Valero reports from François Hollande's press conference
  5. French President François Hollande highlighted that today's Council was not to reconsider the reallocation of refugees agreed by the ministers.
  6. “No leader has challenged the decisions taken yesterday or the [European] values”, he said. The focus was on setting up various hotspots to help countries outside the EU to receive and register the refugees.
  7. Amid growing concerns that the "hotspots" could become retention centres, the French President stressed that resources and personnel will be sent from member states, also from France, to manage the registration process as fast as possible.
  8. Hollande underlined that the EU stands ready to go far beyond what was agreed today. But he said that the US and Canada should help too. That’s why he will take the idea of organising an international conference on this matter to the UN General Assembly in New York.
  9. 01:54: EurActiv's Henriette Jacobsen was at the Merkel press conference. Here are her thoughts afterwards
  10. The strongest impression was that the Chancellor wanted to stress that EU member states shouldn't be complaining about the pressures they are under, when the countries the refugees are fleeing from were at the point of collapse. Merkel seemed to be saying that those countries did not complain at all about their situation. She was not talking about wartorn Syria but countries like Lebanon and Turkey that have borne much of the brunt of the refugee crisis without any complaint. Is this a veiled rebuke to Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, and the Czech Republic?
  11. 01:42: You can watch Merkel's press conference below
  12. 01:40: Things slowing down. Journalists filing copy. EurActiv report in process
  13. 01:38: Merkel was open-minded over allowing EU countries with hotspots bigger budget deficits, reports EurActiv's Henriette Jacobsen. Seems to apply to Greece, Italy and Bulgaria...
  14. 01:34: Interesting point...
  15. 01:32: Tusk on 'hotspots' - from AFP
  16. The EU will set up special reception centres for migrants in frontline states by the end of November, the bloc's President Donald Tusk said Thursday after an emergency summit of European leaders.

  17. "'Hotspots' will be set up by the end of November," Tusk said, without referring to planned registration centres that the EU says will speed up efforts to sort genuine conflict refugees from economic migrants.
  18. 01:29: Meanwhile, Reuters reports...