1. Special Report

    - European Business Summit 2015

  2. [EurActiv Article] EU labour and companies need to be more flexible, ICT skilled
  3. New technologies are changing the structures and dynamics of companies, adding extra pressure on workers to improve their ICT skills, experts say.
  4. [EurActiv Article] Regulators urged to promote trust in Europe's food chain
  5. As the agricultural sector faces mounting pressure to raise production, consumer trust in the safety of the food supply chain has been eroding, a European Commission official warned.
  6. [EurActiv Article] Varoufakis confident on bailout deal, but Sapin wary
  7. Greek Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis is confident on reaching an agreement soon, as talks are progressing with international creditors.
  8. [EurActiv Article] Ukrainian ex-premier, EU say no more trade delays
  9. The EU said on Thursday it would not bow to Russian demands to further delay the planned January 2016 implementation of a free trade deal with Ukraine, which is bitterly opposed by Moscow.
  10. [EurActiv Video] Hubert Weber: Industry 4.0 is crucial
  11. “There is so much opportunity to talk to consumers in the digital space, in social media across the EU,” said Mondelez Europe's President Hubert Weber at the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels.
    “Currently that is very much restricted still by data protection laws, opportunities to do e-commerce, trade across country boundaries,” he added.
  12. [EurActiv Video] Thomas Reynaert: We are far from having a complete EU single market
  13. “There is a lack of implementation of many important directives. For instance, with the energy efficiency buildings directive we see a lot of problems in member states,” said Thomas Thomas Reynaert, President of United Technologies' International Operations in Europe during the 2015 European Business Summit.
    “There is also a lack of labour flexibility,” he said. “What can technology do if certain labour regulations in certain countries of the EU do not allow workers to use these great technologies?,” he added.
  14. [EurActiv Video] Liam Benham: Europe cannot compete with US, Asia without a Digital Single Market
  15. “The announcements by Ansip will be critical to make sure we get the scale, the innovation we need in Europe,” said IBM's Vice President of Governmental Programs in Europe Liam Benham at the 2015 European Business Summit.
    Benham's words come after EU Commissioner for Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip presented Europe's Digital Single Market strategy.
    “We need a level playing field across 500 million people. If you don't do that, you won't be able to compete with the US or Asia,” Benham added.
  16. [EurActiv Video] Thomas Tindemans: 'The EU is facing existential questions again'
  17. During the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels, Hill+Knowlton Chief Executive Officer Thomas Tindemans spoke to EurActiv about the current state of business in Europe.
    'The EU is facing existential questions again. Who wants to be a member, who doesn't wish to be a member anymore? Can the EU deliver on its promise of growth and jobs?,” Tindermans said.