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Westminster eForum on policy priorities for social media

I attended an interesting event on 10 July looking at legal, business and marketing issues around social media use. This Storify isn't designed to be a complete report of the event, but highlights the elements I think are most useful for me to report to my Commission colleagues.


  1. We started the morning hearing from John Cooper QC on 'Regulatory and legal risks from content on social media'
  2. There was then a panel debate with Gillian Phillips, Head of Editorial Legal Services and the Guardian, David Allan Green, Head of Media at Preiskel and Co who is also legal blogger Jack of Kent and Julian Ashworth of BT representing the ISP's side of the tale.
  3. Gillian Phillips was talking in particular about the legal issues linked to commenting and user-generated content (UGC). IPSO here means the Independent Press Standards Organisation, the industry-proposed new press regulator.
  4. David Allen Green coined what might come to be known as Green's Law
  5. Julian Ashworth from BT was up next talking about what ISPs can do about content and legal responsibility. Interestingly, he challenged the tweet below, saying he had said 'social media' rather than web, but all of us that tweeted his comments wrote internet/web!
  6. In the questions I asked whether there was any legal validity at all in disclaimers on bios such as 'All views are personal and do not reflect employer' or 'RTs are not endorsement'.
  7. The next speaker was Richard Allan, head of policy at Facebook EMEA.
  8. He made a number of broad points: