#PLOS #SfN15 Highlights: Hidden Variables of Behavior


  1. A personal highlight of the Society for Neuroscience meeting this year was the Hidden Variables of Behavior Symposium, bridging the seemingly disparate topics of memory, navigation, sleep and social behavior.
  2. Loren Frank gave an engaging first talk (my personal favorite!) on hippocampal sharp-wave ripples and their role in remembering the past and planning for the future.
  3. That's really fast!
  4. Cool! A new cell type. Tell us more ... what does it do?
  5. Lest we forget, no hippocampus is an island.
  6. Net up, Yang Dan of Berkeley discussed how the brain regulates sleep.
  7. With all this exciting Neuroscience, my sleep neurons went into hibernation at #SfN15.
  8. Overly caffeinated isn't a brain state?