SEO Slip-ups: 10 Website Mistakes You Should Fix Right Now


  1. Search Engine Optimization - just how difficult could it be? After crawling the web,enrolling in e-classes and indulging in informative PDFs, a young SEO jedi will realise that SEO isn't hard. It's just complicated and ever-evolving.

    Beating the race to the first page with lots of competition is daunting, and breaking through that 2nd page barrier takes some time to overcome.
  2. Here are the most common mistakes you are making with your SEO strategy- and luckily, they can be tweaked and even fixed!
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  4. Relyingon Raw Numbers

    Your web site's traffic is growing more and more - this sure brings a smile to any website owner's face. However, it's not a stable metric to rely on as many would like to believe. More visitors, more customers, right? That isn't always the case.

    What's more important is to use analytics to review the conversions being made throug hall that traffic. Ranking high in traffic will not mean that much more for your business when visitors come and go. Review your SEO strategy and the analytics to zero in on the keywords and phrases that are ultimately helping your website with conversions. Know which ones aren't worth your effort and which one deserve more weight. Your traffic might decrease because of the specificity,but you're now much likelier to find returning visitors turn to customers.

  5. Casting Your Web Too Wide
  6. Similarly, your traffic could also be growing - but your business actually caters to your city or country of operation. You might find that half of your traffic are ineligible as customers. It's time to reign in the generic keywords and start learning about local search options.

  7. Local search requires you to be more specific about the location and scope of yourbusiness. You might feel like it is limiting your audience by a lot, but you give local customers direct access to you and meet their needs at the same time. Posting your phone number and business address and locating yourself on popular networks, will boost your accessibility and net you more relevant visitors.
  8. Keywords All Over the Place

    If yougot a little over-excited with your SEO strategy and followed every singleguide and blog post on the matter, chances are you are making the mistake ofoverdoing it as far as keywords. Your goal was probably to amass a huge trafficto your website using generic and click-bait material. People may be visitingyour site, but they leave when it doesn't deliver on their needs and wants.
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  10. Get to know your audience more and optimize your keywords accordingly. Let go of general words and make your scope reasonable and manageable. Specifying your service and your location will definitely net you some internet credit and ranking for tuning your website to the needs of the audience. Instead of having passive traffic, gain high-potential traffic by using specific and relevant keywords only.
  11. DejaVu Title Tags and Descriptions

    Crafting every part of your website takes time and creativity. This is practically a given, and you can tell a website means business when its design, structure and content were carefully thought-out. This includes your page title tags and your meta descriptions. You sell yourself short when your website simply uses your company or the website name as the anchor text and meta descriptions. This makes it hard for a visitor to navigate your website.

    Like anchor text, meta descriptions are also an avenue for a website to sail themselves right onto the search engine results page. Your listing could be the only glimpse a web browser will see of your site, so be careful. Be clear and expressive on what the visitor can expect from your website. Be creative and atthe same time easily understood in order to gather those important clicks!

  12. Internal Anchor Text Amnesia

    It's easy to overlook what anchor text does for a website - that link has to stand out and shout to visitors, "Click me!"
  13. This helps introduce a whole new part of your website they might overlook. Sadly, anchor text used with in a web site is often generic and not suited to the website. Is it worth it to makean effort for internal links?

    In fact, it helps streamline the quality and flow of your website. The call-to-action can create conversions, so you will want to be truthful and very relevant in all of your links. Custom fit your anchor text to the different pages and functions of your website when you can.

  14. Same Anchor Text Again and Again and Again

    SEO guides inform you of how anchor text is relevant in search engine performance. In spite of this, don't grow crazy over turning all of your anchor text into the same call-to-action, making it a keyword cow. If keyword stuffing is a turn-off, the same practice on anchor text has the same effect.

    Help your readers out by segregating links and adding descriptions of where theylead and what they'll benefit from it. If your anchor text demands the same call-to-action on every page with different goals, it is likely to annoy your audience. Look for more natural wordings and phrasing to add to your website'sauthenticity.

  15. (Lackluster)Link Overload

    You may feel that for people to be able to get to your site, you'll need to lay out as many roads for them to get there. When you've spread out your links to different websites of low-to-middle popularity, you're plainly a sitting duck waiting for the (unlikely) hits to come. When it comes to links, make sure that the website you connect with actually makes sense to partner with. That website's visitors will have no reason to click your links if your sites are on completely different topics! No one wants to click on the spammy link that doesn't feel right.

    Instead of many tiny side-roads, consider going for a highway. Getting linked by ahighly popular blog might be more difficult to do, but when done right, can make all the difference in your traffic and your conversions. When a high quality blog endorses you and your links target the same audience, you can expect aninflux of visitors.

  16. Crummy,Cheap Content

    So you've got all the keywords down pat... now where do you put them? If you have decided to create content for the sake of stuffing it with keywords, your problem is just beginning. Have you ever gotten the feeling of distrust whenyou browse a website that keeps repeating the same phrases and content? It seems like the website wants something from you, and is not actually offering you, the visitor, anything in return.

    Having a website with lots of content is important to show just how credible and authoritative you and your business are. However, visitors might be able to seetons of posts, but they can see right through the articles and notice the “keywordstuffing”. That isn't a good sign for a website, and expect the visitors to checkout faster than you can say "$2 per article." It's really in yourbest interest to invest in quality, genuine content that will intrigue andinform readers.

  17. Face-Value Fail Content

    Let us say you have great writers, and there is exceptional content up on your site.While content is important, as mentioned above, you need to get your audience to read it so they could realize how good it actually is! However, there are many times when content seems cheap and not credible for various reasons, simply because there's better presented content somewhere else.

    Beat the crowd by paying attention to the presentation of your content. Make it easy for visitors to read and share. Take notice of the most popular article stylesand integrate them into your blog. Add pictures and infographics to the post to make things easy and understandable for your audience.

    For example here you have a version of "What makes a good infographic?" infgraphic.
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  19. Dismissing Designs

    Is SEO all about words? Those are the only things you can search on the web, right? The design of your website is actually quite important in determining whether visitors will turn to customers. Your design is a very important first impression - and mind you, it will last.

    Visitors are bound to click on attractive or authoritative links, so this is your opportunity to grab people's attention, so they will consider your web site professional and genuine. The effort you put in on the appearance of the web site will be appreciated by visitors, and might even get featured by fellowblogs and websites.

    SEO mistakes are easy to make. The scary part is that they are also easy to spot -by search engines and by your own visitors. Always remember, you can afford tomake mistakes as long as you learn from them and target what you can do better.Thankfully, with a bit of patience, research, and creativity, they are easily remedied and boosted for maximum traffic and conversion activity.

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