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Disney's KloutPerks for Tangled

Breaking down the opening steps for Disney's campaign for their upcoming movie "Tangled," powered by Klout.


  1. Big preface first - Disney and Klout aren't clients of mine, but I'm fascinated with this story.  It all started with the most random of tweets:
  2. Same thing was sent to my friend, Eddy Badrina
  3. ...and he had a similar reaction to mine, although I've got a 3 yr old son.
  4. The link from @KloutPerks points to this page, which asks you to "sign in."  I tried this link from a different Twitter account, and it wouldn't work - they actually do ping Twitter and Klout through Twitter's oAuth token to make sure you're the Twitter handle they sent the perk to.
  5. All well and good so far, but then it gets hairy (pun intended).  They ask for my complete mailing address AND phone number to send me my "Tangled special perk." I'm a marketing wonk, so I did it, but I think that's a high price of information to pay without really knowing what you're getting.  Here's an example of what you get, but I wouldn't have known it was this much cool stuff from what little they told me on the site.

  6. My Tangled items from Klout. Thinking I'll give them to @Bill80's daughter
    My Tangled items from Klout. Thinking I'll give them to @Bill80's daughter
  7. You could also Tweet or Facebook out your success after you fill in the form:
  8. And apparently some folks are even getting a free screening of the movie.  I haven't gotten my Perk Pack yet, so I may have tickets coming my way, too.
  9. And think of it from Disney's side - now they have a list of the most influential voices on Twitter, WITH their complete contact information. Want to drum up buzz for your next movie?  Drag out that list again!  And while I'm sure they won't sell that list, I can't guarantee it won't make its way into the hands of Disney Parks, ESPN, ABC, etc, etc....
  10. And one last problem I have - the sign-in site passed my form information in through the URL - in clear text.  Anyone able to watch the progress of this form could easily capture that data, and I really would have appreciated some semblance of encryption from Disney.
  11. Overall?  An interesting campaign and probably a case study we'll be looking at a few months later.  I like the integration with Klout to score and reach out to known influencers, but would have liked a little better effort on the fulfillment end.